Are you rolling your eyes…?

When I first started studying personal growth over twenty years ago, I searched every bookstore I could for ways to make sense of things in my inner and outer world and to discover the secrets to living a happier and more successful life. 

That research allowed a deeper understanding of what’s possible for each of us… that is if we believe in ourselves enough to take action to do something different so that we can create something different.  There are many paths to happiness, success, and fulfillment.  Each of which comes with it’s own requirements and attributes.  But for every path, you must choose to walk down it. 

You can spend an eternity staring at the path before you – a path you’ve chosen, second-guessing whether or not it’s the right one that will produce the right results for you.  You wonder what it will mean about you if you fail (What if I’m not good enough?)  You wonder whether or not you are good enough to succeed (Who will I become if I actually achieve my goals?).  You wonder whether or not you are worthy enough to receive the bounty that path will provide (Who am I to deserve such happiness and success?).  

So many questions and insecurities that keep you stuck in inaction.  Yet you know you need to take action.  Without action, you are only left with wishful thinking.  You deserve better than that.  You deserve to have all of your dreams come to fruition.  The world needs you to become your best self so that you can light the path for others as you give your own unique gifts to the world. 

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To help you move forward, I’ve recorded the technique for the first step of self-hypnosis.  It’s called The Eye Roll because, well, you roll your eyes.  It helps your brain shift into the alpha state where you can start to impress upon your subconscious mind what it is you want for yourself.  It’s very easy to do (it only takes a few minutes) and in the beginning quick and easy will get you started!  I invite you to use it consistently and allow yourself to unlock your potential and experience your possibilities!

>>>  COMING UP  <<<

August 1 – BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!  Get ready because something big is coming!  It’s long overdue and made just for you!  Excited to share it with you!!

August 7 @ 6:30 pm – 10 STEPS TO YOUR BEST SELF.  If you lie awake knowing you are not living your purpose, living your passion, living the fulfilled life you want, then this is for you.  Learn the key elements necessary to making significant transformation in your life so that you can once and for all break through your barriers and finally achieve your goals!

August 14 @ 6:00 pm – ESSENTIAL OILS OF SUMMER.  Natural sunscreen, manage bugs, burns, allergies, dermatitis, etc.

August 27 @ 6:00 pm – AROMATHERAPY AT THE OFFICE.  Oils for focus and clarity, inspiration, confidence, stress, workspace cleansing, office diffusers.

Remember, when you make your happiness and success goals a priority, you make yourself and the world a better place.  And if you need help, I’m always here for you.

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