I said YES!!!

It was very cold and windy this weekend while I was at my Farmer’s Market booth.  Probably the worst one I’ve had all year.  My flyers insisted on being taken in the wind, very few people felt like lingering for a discussion in the cold, and my toes were frozen.  After a couple hours I was mentally finished with the market… but the market wasn’t finished with me.  I wasn’t able to escape until it was over.  I longed for my daughter’s snuggly blanket just feet from me in the back seat of my car parked behind the booth.  All I wanted to do was to pack up my booth and curl up in that blanket and get warm while I waited to get my car out. 

So I decided to have a conversation with the Universe.  I explained how grumpy I felt and how I wanted this time spent to be worthwhile since I realistically knew I wouldn’t indulge in my warm fantasy.  I asked for a sign of some sort to show me it was worth it.  I waited… and waited.  Nothing.  I grumbled more to myself as the clouds blocked the sun and the wind picked up. 

But then, with 15 minutes remaining, it came.  A man walking on the opposite side of the market earlier in the day had caught my eye.  He stood out from the crowd in a way that made me watch him for a few moments before he walked on.  So with 15 minutes before my escape into warmth, an elderly gentleman shared with me how the power of the mind had propelled him to accomplish things he might not have otherwise.  Waiting patiently behind him was the other man whom I had noticed before.  He waited for quite some time before the elderly man had shared his stories. 

When I was finally able to talk with this man, the sound of his voice lulled my mind and his words were the answer to my request for a sign.  His proposition was an offer that I had not even allowed my mind to consider before that moment.  Yet it was exciting and frightening and I longed for it at the same time.  I’m learning that, for me, whenever I feel those three things – excitement, a little fear, and a deep desire – that it’s my cue to take a leap.  So I said Yes! to the possibilities.

What those specific possibilities are and how they will unfold are still being discovered.  But just like my co-creation of the Women’s Wellness Retreat (have you registered yet?), it will be revealed to you in time.  In the meantime, I’m giddy with the possibilities that may come to you (oh yes, THIS IS FOR YOU!).

I invite you to open yourself to the unexpected and when it arrives – Say YES!!!

Wishing you all the best as you unlock your potential and experience your possibilities!


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