Are you afraid of being cut down?

This weekend I’m heading down to Florida for some deep inner work with my mentor.  Mindset stuff.  Diving head first into the kind of things that we often try to avoid because they make us feel uncomfortable.  Things like limiting beliefs, fears, self-sabotage, self-image, and self-worth.  Why am I doing this?  I decided that I want to up-level my life.  Simply stated, I want more.  More joy, more happiness, more abundance, more success, more love, more meaning.  In order to have all those things, I need to change and upgrade my inner game. 

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I have a dear friend named John who posted some inspiration on Facebook that seems quite appropriate.  He said, “… just remember through all the struggles, long nights, disbelief you’ll get off the ground, grow tall and in the end have [something] worthwhile… stay diligent and there is a chance you will be the Last. One. Standing.  Of course in the same breath this corn stalk is thinking, “Now what the f***am I going to do!”

So often we go through much turmoil and effort to achieve our goals.  We wonder if we’ll get cut down like those around us.  Sometimes this fear causes us to stunt our own growth and not flourish as we would if we knew it would all work out. 

So rather than living your life being afraid of being cut down, how would it change things – how would it change your thoughts, your ideas, your behaviors, your actions, and your belief in yourself – if instead of feeling helpless and out of control, you gave yourself permission to believe.  To believe in the possibilities that you are here for a purpose.  That you are valuable in a way that others may not have imagined, even if it goes against the grain of those around you.  That your contribution to the world has an enormous impact regardless of where or how your roots have grown.  When you realize the significance of you allowing yourself to push through any barriers, limitations, or expectations to become your greatest self, then you can be sure that others around you will take notice and support and encourage you to greater success.  Even if there is nobody else around to witness your triumph, you always will have the one who matters most there beside you.  Yourself. 

So I invite you to believe in the possibility that a greatness lies before you like you cannot even imagine.  Allow yourself to step into it, grow up and around any obstacles that may be in your way, blow with the breeze, and feel the sun shine upon you until one day it reveals to you a world and experience that you haven’t even imagined for yourself.  The view will amaze you. 

Oh, and the cornstalk that was concerned about what it was going to do… It figured it out.  It decided it was going to spread its reach tall and wide and live out fully the purpose which it had inside of it.  You can too.  Go do it.

Wishing you all the best as you unlock your potential and experience your possibilities!


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