I have a confession

This past weekend was our enJOY Women’s Wellness Retreat.  Beautiful and courageous women came together to discover something new and amazing about themselves.  These women allowed themselves to be vulnerable, open, and honest.  They experimented with things they previously thought they were unable to do and found they could do them well and with joy.  They allowed themselves to dive deep into understanding the limitations they’ve unknowingly placed upon themselves.  They took off their masks and connected with themselves in a way they haven’t in quite awhile.  They were real.  They took time for themselves and learned that they are worthy of happiness just as much as everyone else. 

If you were one of the women who joined us at the retreat, I honor you.  I am thankful that you allowed me to be a part of your journey to self-discovery and fulfillment.  I am also very deeply grateful that you allowed me to reaffirm to myself that this is my purpose in life: To help people stop looking outside for approval; to believe in themselves and know that they are perfect just as they are; to stop their inner struggle so they can experience all that they can be.  You taught me more than you know, and I only hope that you have received as much as you have given. 

Unearthing Your Passion

Within each and every one of us lies a calling.  A deep-rooted purpose and passion that is completely ours for the unearthing.  It gently tugs at us reminding us that there is great work to be done and time is getting on.  Yet so often we discover things are in the way of us fully realizing and fulfilling this mission. 

More often than not, it is our own self-doubt that is the biggest obstacle that we must overcome.  We may question the rightness of what we believe is our purpose.  We may challenge our ability to accomplish such a goal, perhaps somehow feeling that we are not capable of such greatness.  Maybe we question the value of our passion; because it comes so easily to us that we wonder how anyone else might benefit from it.  Or perhaps we have removed ourselves from ourselves for so long that we have become disconnected from our purpose.  We feel disconnected from the truth of who we really are, and have begun to live a life of falsehood in the shadow of who we are meant to be.                                                                  

Yet that whisper of a calling continues despite our reluctance.  It is like a bird pecking at the ground, knowing there is a delicious seed just below the surface, waiting to be consumed.  Peck.  Peck.  Peck. It is determined.  It will not stop.  For a time it may get startled or distracted from its task, but it knows about the seed.  This wisdom lies deep within the bird and keeps the bird returning. 

Just like the bird that will ultimately nourish itself with the buried seed, it too, is our responsibility to bring to light our own seeds of purpose and fulfill that calling.  To nourish our spirit as we embrace our divine mission.  There is none other that is exactly like us.  No other has our same process of thought, experiences, contributions, and gifts.  Our calling is ours and ours alone.  Only we can fully express the bounty of our purpose. 

We are here on purpose, for a purpose.  Once we begin to fully step into living from that place of knowingness that we are divinely important, and sacred, and deserving, we can then begin to live a life we once only dreamed about. 

Be brave, dear friend.  The world needs you.  You need you.  Breakthrough your resistance and let yourself shine as brightly as you were meant to shine.  I’ll be looking for your light. 

Wishing you all the best as you unlock your potential and experience your possibilities!


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