Oh to make a choice…

Do you find it easy to make decisions or have you found yourself waffling over choices more often than you’d like to admit?  Have you ever been afraid to make a decision or to take a stand?  Have you ever been afraid about what others will think, so you chose what they wanted for you instead?  Have you ever been afraid to make the wrong choice or immediately began second-guessing your choice the moment you made it?

We can often find ourselves reluctant to make the choices that will cause us to step into the unknown.  We become hesitant to make those choices that cause us to stretch and grow in ways that we may not have wanted to before or even known we were capable of.  So instead of trusting in ourselves and our ability to achieve greatness and great things, we sometimes shrink into fear.

Yet more often than not, we know the choice we’d like to choose.  It’s the one that we’d wish for if we had to choose heads or tails as the coin was being flipped. 

So ideally our decisions will be in alignment with the long-term goals we’ve chosen for ourselves.  Nevertheless, there are many paths to take to achieve the outcomes we are striving for.  Some paths are easier, smoother, and more direct.  Others are winding paths that take us the long way around.  Sure we might stumble and fall every now and then, but if we keep making choices that move us forward toward our desires then we’ll always be on the right path. 

So the key is that we must choose something.  Anything.  But we must make a choice. Any choice. 

We must not spend too much of our precious time worrying if it will be the right one or the wrong one.  We simply need to choose because we can’t be indecision and in action at the same time, and it is action that will move us forward.  If we wait too long deciding on something or how best to move forward, then the world and its current opportunities will change around us.  So then, by default, our choice of not choosing anything was a choice of something.  Usually it’s more of the same of what already have, and that will never allow us to grow into something more than who we are today.  To simply know that we want something more for ourselves but not willing to do what it takes to accomplish it, is a sure and quick way to end up in regret.  And regret is never a great place to be.

So I encourage you to begin to choose your life with more confidence, more certainty, more clarity, and more boldness so that you can achieve all that you wish to achieve for yourself.  If you’d like help navigating, please reach out and we’ll discover how I can help you.

I wish you all the best as you unlock your potential and experience your possibilities!


P.S. Once you make a decision, the Universe conspires to make it happen. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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