New Adventures – the inner and outer

It’s the eve of a full circle moment for me today.

Two years ago I stepped out into the unknown and took a deeper stand for myself and my dreams than I ever had before. I resisted. I cried. I resisted some more. Then I decided I wanted more.

I said YES to the opportunity in front of me.

You may have noticed I’ve been silent for awhile. Understand that I will never ask you to do the things I’m unwilling to do myself. If I ask it of you, I ask it of myself as well.

Several months ago, I repeatedly found myself in situations that were not serving my purpose or my goals. My life was filled with chaos and confusion, and I felt overwhelmed by the circumstances around me.

Has that ever happened to you?

When it feels as though your world is falling apart, yet everything you try to do to hold it together just isn’t enough. Almost like there is an underlying current of misfortune that immediately wipes out anything if it gets too close. Always living under the shadow of the perpetual black cloud.

That’s what was happening to me.  That is until I got clear and I got support.  Ultimately, I reached out to someone to show me where the disconnect was and what role I played in it all.  Then I got clear – clear on what I wanted in my life and certainly what I didn’t want in my life.

I let go of those things that weren’t meant to be. I let go of the hurt and sadness and betrayal of those relationships that left me.  I discovered what was really important.  I discovered the relationships and dreams that I was willing to fight for, and fought hard for them.  I rediscovered a deeper connection to my inner self.  In doing so, I unearthed a profound conviction of the path I am living and those I am serving in this life.

Tomorrow completes the cycle as I recognize the Universe is fully supporting me in a very tangible way, and has been this entire time despite the recent upheavals.

I will return to the place where it all started for me. To the place that feeds my soul. But this time I am in stronger place of certainty with a deeper connection to my soul’s purpose; and I will be more deeply nourished than I can possibly imagine.

When YOU ARE READY to step into that same place of deep knowingness and discover more peace, more power, and more purpose… then let’s connect.  In the meantime, I am supporting you in your journey to unlock your potential and experience your possibilities.

All the best,

P.S. How are you stepping into your deep place of knowingness?  I’d love to hear your comments – please leave yours below.

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