5 tips for clarity in the new year (without resolutions)

Years ago I ditched the idea of creating New Year’s resolutions.  They simply didn’t feel good.

For the first two or three days when you’re extremely motivated and focused, you feel good and in control. You psych yourself up with all the ways why this year things will be different and how you’re super committed to your new and improved ways. Then as you shift into your normal routine, your will power fades, your resistance shows up, and you end up feeling bad about yourself for not sticking with it longer.

If you’re anything like me, you’d rather eliminate the things that don’t work and focus on strategies that actually are effective. That means…

No more beating yourself up.
No more unrealistic goals.
No more disappointment in how you’re show up.

It’s absolutely possible to be intentional and focused without creating the resolutions that most people can’t stick to on their own.

Try these practical and manifesting tools instead when you’re ready to focus on setting goals and making changes.

1. Get clear on what you want.

Most people overestimate what they can do in a day and underestimate what they can do in a year.   Think about what you’d like to accomplish either this year or in the next few months.  Get very specific on what those things look like. Maybe you want to leave your current job and start your own business in the next year, or lose 20 pounds in 6 months, or have a weekly date night with your partner.  Whatever it is for you, you have to be clear so your mind knows what to focus on and so you know when to celebrate once you’ve achieved it!.

2. Focus on how you want to feel. 

Sink into the feeling of what it’s like to already have accomplished your goal.  How does it feel in your body?  How do you hold yourself differently?  What new thoughts do you have with this new feeling?  Focus on cultivating feelings of pleasure – of joy and fulfillment – rather than avoiding how you don’t want to feel.  The Law of Attraction will draw onto you the experiences that match the way you feel, so make sure the way you feel is what you want to be creating more of.

3. Make space for it.

Clear out everything that isn’t congruent with what you want to have in your life.  You’ll need to make space in your heart and mind, as well as your home, for the new way of life you’re calling forth.  So clean out the metaphorical garbage you’ve been holding onto.  Donate the old clothes in your closets, go through the stack of paperwork on your desk, rearrange your furniture, or smudge your house.  Then let yourself relax and just be, releasing the constant mental activity of so much doing and planning. Move the stagnant and blocked energy around you and you’ll feel an energetic shift within you that’ll align more closely to your desires.

4.  Let go.

As someone who’s struggled with releasing control, I know first hand how challenging letting go can be for many people.   When you let go, you’re releasing control of the idea that you know best how you will accomplish your goals.  You’re allowing yourself to surrender to the wisdom of your higher Self so that it can dance with the Universe and bring your desires to you.  Your job is to simply maintain your positive feelings of having it and hold the expectation that it’s already yours, because when you ask it is immediately given.  It doesn’t instantly manifest because you’re not yet on the same energetic vibrational frequency of what you want.  Yet!

5.  Take action.

Take action on the opportunities that arise if they align with your goals and the feeling outcomes you desire.  But also remember that you don’t need to create massive change overnight (unless that feels good for you).  And every now and then, look back at all the actions you’ve already taken and notice how far you’ve already come.

You don’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to give up all your bad habits.  You can be happy and successful and create a life you love in any way you choose.

This new year is going to be amazing and you’re ready for the next fabulous version of yourself to unfold.

Here’s to your success – I’m cheering you on.

Lots of love,

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