Are invisible barriers are holding you back?

Does it ever feel like no matter how much you strive or struggle to make things happen, you’re never quite as far as you’d like to be?

More than 50% of the successful women entrepreneurs I interviewed for a recent research project said they struggle with self-doubt. These women are the main income earners for their families yet they struggle with a self-belief that they aren’t good enough, don’t have what it takes to be successful, and fear failure.

These are thoughts and feelings that many of us can relate to.  

Sometimes you can sense you’re getting in your own way but aren’t sure how to break free of the cycle you’re in.

  • It might show up as working late when you told yourself you were going to have firmer boundaries between work and family time so you can create more memories with your children.  
  • It could be keeping that team member who isn’t giving you the specific results you need because you don’t have the time to find someone new and think something is better than nothing.  
  • It could be overindulging with too much food or wine at the end of the day because you’re so exhausted to realize what you’re doing until it’s too late.  

Sometimes, you might catch yourself moments after you’ve just done the thing that will keep you farther away from your goal, only to get frustrated with yourself for doing it again.  

Other times, you’re doing everything you know to do but still aren’t getting any further traction or momentum.  So you keep spinning your wheels doing what you’ve always been doing, believing something is bound to change at some point.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re working towards your first 6- or 7-figures, navigating an intimate relationship, or striving toward a personal wellness goal.  More often than not, it’s your invisible barriers that will hold you back rather than your skills or abilities.

It’s the fear and doubt that creep into your self-image that causes you to hold yourself back. When you question your worth, your abilities, and your efforts, your confidence that takes a beating. Imposter syndrome, analysis paralysis, and uncertainty cause you to limit yourself, your joy and service to the world, and prevent you from experiencing your fullest potential.

The biggest way to shift this is to hold an image of yourself in your heart and mind as someone who has already achieved your goals.  

Because the truth is that in order to create business longevity, reach your financial milestones, have meaningful relationships, and a fulfilling personal life, you need to prioritize mastering your inner self.   

You need to become the person – mentally, physically, emotionally – who has created a healthy and balanced lifestyle of family and home life along with work life, strong and fulfilling relationships, and inner peace and happiness.  

Your invisible barriers will keep presenting obstacles that’ll keep you stuck if you don’t.

And that’s not what you want for yourself, , is it?
(I don’t want that for you either.)

So bring to light those areas that need your attention and then watch yourself flourish!

Sending love,

P.S.  If you’re ready to make your invisible become visible once and for all, then let’s talk.  I’d love to be the one in your corner who can see a bigger picture of what’s possible for you, hold the vision of who you’re meant to be, and give you the step by step plan to make it happen. 

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