Are you disappointing yourself?

One of the worst things in the world you can feel is disappointment in yourself. 
The feelings can be so powerfully overwhelming that it feels like a massive weight upon your heart, threatening to crush you at any moment.

There’s a difference between disappointment that something did/didn’t happen but that’s vastly different than being disappointed in yourself as a person.

Disappointment in self reflects a deep sadness about who you see yourself as (often feeling like a failure and not good enough), what you are capable of doing (feeling like you can’t do anything right), and why you can/can’t accomplish what you wish to (feeling you’re innately flawed).  

Those feelings lead to a lot of shame, guilt, and self-loathing. The flaw in that kind of thinking is that you are innately good enough, valuable, and deserving of everything you desire… you just don’t believe it.  Connecting with your reason for being, your purpose, can help you remember on a deep soulful level exactly why you’re here and your importance in the world.

Being disappointed in the outcome you experience is, of course, entirely different.  Here it’s often more about your judgements of your level of participation (such as feeling you could have tried harder or done more), your expectations (were they realistic?), and other factors that are out of your control (like how other people act).  

These are much more tangible opportunities to shift not only what you are feeling but also what you experience.

When you fully commit to something you desire, you create a powerful intention and energetic vibration of your desires.  Self-doubt and negative self-talk no longer surface because you’ve made an agreement to do your best each day (knowing your best may fluctuate each day). You’re willing to invest the time, money, and resources into making it happen, because you desire the success, abundance, and freedom it will provide you with in the future.  

When you fully commit to yourself, you make a promise to yourself that you’re willing to do what it takes to reach your desired results.  You no longer grant yourself any half-measures.  You no longer allow obstacles or excuses to stop you.  You show up 100% even when you don’t have the motivation to do so, because you’re focused on the long-term gain you’ll achieve from it.  Any sacrifices you make are in service to the cherished memories you’ll create with loved ones, the success that’ll come from developing strong relationships with yourself and others, and the fulfillment you’ll have when you’re honoring the spiritual impact you’re born to make.

You can stop disappointing yourself any time you choose.
The question you must ask yourself is, “Are you ready to start being proud of yourself?”

If your answer is yes, then take that next step, whatever it may be.
Sending you lots of love,

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