Are you listening to your body?

Your body is communicating to you in every minute of every day.  You may or may not be paying attention, but it’s communicating all the same.

Most of us have felt the fizzy, excited bubbles in your belly when you’re about to launch into something you’ve been looking forward to. You meet someone new, step onto that stage, say yes to the opportunity that’s presented to you… 

You can feel yourself expanding, stretching, and growing in new and wonderful ways and filled with an optimism about the possibilities that await you.

You’ve also felt that pull deep in your belly, the gut instinct, that tells you what your senses cannot.  You’re guided to pick up the phone to call to that specific person, cancel the trip that’s been planned for months, take a new way home…  

You can feel yourself knowing things on a deep cellular level without understanding how you know what you know, as you allow the deepest part of you that’s connected to everything there is in the universe to take the lead.

Your body’s communication is also in the moments when you feel sick to your stomach or your head starts to spin whenever you think about making that certain decision that’ll impact how you move forward next.  You feel off-balance in those moments that trigger your self-image, worthiness, and security.

It’s the backache that comes when you push too hard or the illness that comes at the most inopportune time.  Perhaps the burden you’ve been carrying has been too heavy or you’ve connected with the upper limit of what you believe you deserve.  

Your body is always there, working for you… on your behalf and for your benefit.

Your body knows and understands you more deeply than you are consciously aware, and will always guide you to the truth of what you want and believe.  If you don’t pay attention to the whisper, the new sensation within your body, that signal will increase in volume and frequency.  

Yet so many of us wait until we’ve been walloped with something that demands our attention.  Fatigue, burnout, illness or injury.  Until then, we just to push through and tough it out.  

When you learn to connect with your inner guidance and the wisdom of your body, you begin to avoid the pitfalls, heartache, and disappointment because you’re tuned in to your highest self and maximizing your potential.  

Your relationships deepen with your loved ones and you have more quality time with the people that matter most to you.  You become more confident as you feel balanced and certain about what you want for yourself and your life.  Your life becomes more aligned with your soul’s purpose and life itself becomes easier.

This is what my BEACH methodology can teach you.  It’s a proven process of reconnecting with who you are, how you want to live, and what you want to feel.  An integration of mind, body, and spirit in a way you can easily understand and implement.

If you’re tired of tripping over your own feet and getting thumped in the head more often than you’d like, then let’s talk.  You have important work to do in the world and if you’re not fully on track with it, then it’s time to make a shift.  Reach out and let’s get you some support.

Sending you lots of love,
Krysti  xo

P.S.  I’ve been listening to my body especially closely this last month as my family has been moving through several big transitions I shared about on Facebook recently.  As with everything the body teaches you, there are times and cycles for everything.  As I’m shifting out of the replenish and restore phase I’ve been in, I’m feeling the energy building in new and exciting areas I’ll soon share with you. 

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