Are you slamming the door to opportunity?

They lost their minds.

I posted something on Facebook this week that polarized people.  Some were thoughtful and stated their beliefs with clarity, explanation, and forethought.  Others were, well, less than civil and demanded that others think the way they do.  It was an interesting example of how the mind works.

You see, we all get triggered sometimes.  Someone can say something and whoosh, we get caught up in believing that our way of thinking and living is the only way that is right or acceptable. Sometimes we don’t even allow others to provide insight or a new way to perceive something.

When we do that, we close ourselves off to the opportunity to learn more about others and a different way of thinking.  More importantly, we block the opportunity to discover the deeper layers of our own beliefs and values.

Every encounter you have is an invitation to lean deeper into your truth, into who you are, and who you are allowing yourself to become.

Opposition is an invitation to explore another perspective, another alternative.  It allows us to affirm what you already believe. Yet it also is an opening to challenge why you believe what you believe.

It’s easy when everyone around you believes the same things. It’s comforting, it’s safe. It can also be limiting if those thoughts or beliefs are holding you back or limiting your growth or potential.

That’s why it’s so helpful to have others around you who can show up as a mirror to reflect back to you what you may not be recognizing.  They are there to guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself and offer new alternatives or new ways of thinking when required.

My invitation to you is to stop and take a breath.  Lean into your deepest beliefs so you can truly identify if they are serving and supporting you and your goals.  If they are, strengthen and affirm them.  But if they aren’t, then have the courage and grace to allow yourself to choose something different than you once did.

You may just be amazed at the shifts this simple strategy can provide you with.

Big hugs and lots of love,

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