Are you worthy of what you want?

How does that question feel, the question of your worth?
That instant impulse you feel as you consider it reveals clues about your underlying beliefs.

If you’re being honest with yourself, does it trigger any negative thoughts or feelings?  If so, you’re not alone.

The limiting beliefs and subconscious blocks we have around our worthiness often prevent us from fully pursuing and achieving our deepest desires. We don’t know what we don’t know, and sometimes when we do know, we don’t know how to overcome those obstacles.

That makes significant change hard to achieve.

And settling when you could be striving and thriving certainly doesn’t feel good.

You’ve learned to adapt and compensate as best as you can given the tools, skills, and circumstances you have, even if they aren’t always ideal. But the limitations keeping you stuck won’t shift until you can create new patterns and upleveled thinking.

More than likely you’ve picked up programming that speaks of being unworthy, not good enough, smart enough, ready enough; mostly it tells you that you are wrong or deficient in some way. Maybe someone you loved said or did things that created a core belief that you still carry with you…

Quite often those hidden wounds run deep.

But is it possible it’s been you choosing to still believe those things after all this time?

Do you believe you are worthy of what you want?
My guess is that some part of you doesn’t.

That truth can be tough to swallow.
Especially when you’ve learned to excel in certain areas of your life that bring you great success and abundance.

Yet it can be hollow when it’s out of balance.

Perhaps you need to learn, hear, or remember that you are worthy of everything you desire. So much more than that, actually.

You just need to become willing to discover where you’re getting in your own way, blocking the flow of everything that is yours by divine right… in ALL areas of your life (not just some).

It comes down to a shift in perspective.

Open to seeing yourself as you really are – the brilliance and the blemishes.
Trust that who you are is exactly what is needed and desired in the world.
Believe in your innate goodness and claim your own worth.
Then let yourself be moved by the stirrings of your soul and create a meaningful life.

This can be the year when you take a stand for your highest Self and let yourself truly shine.

I believe in you and know for sure that you are worthy of it all.

I’m here if you need help with that, .

Sending love,

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