Beyond the smiles, recognizing Toxic Positivity

There’s a benefit to looking at the world through rose-colored glasses…

You activate the part within your mind that filters your awareness toward only those things that match your expectations and the desires of how you want to feel. The universe draws to you in kind the focus of your attention and multiplies it.

In doing so, you actively become a co-creator of your life.

It feels powerful, satisfying, and amazing to clearly call forth your manifestations into form.

But there is danger in focusing only on the positive.

Too much positivity can become harmful and toxic when it creates a culture in work or the home that encourages denial, avoidance, or encouragement to withhold.

In those environments, you can begin to feel hesitant about sharing your experiences and awareness of situations that are less than ideal or not performing the way you’d like them to. You learn to put your armor on, keep your mouth shut, and deal with things on your own so you don’t rock the boat.

Beyond the smiles, the masks, and all the pretending…

Truth becomes threatened.

Authenticity and vulnerability are dishonored.

Learn to recognize when the full truth feels unwelcome and decide if you’re willing to play that game.

It goes without saying that there is tremendous value in finding the positive in every situation. Yet it cannot come at the cost of disillusionment or denial of the current situation.

That creates resistance to what is and blocks the full potential of what could be.

Sometimes the negative things need to be focused on.

For understanding.
For healing.
For growth.

Sometimes you need to talk about what you don’t want in order to understand what you do want.

Just don’t make the negative the only thing you’re focusing on.

Honesty and integrity are found in the darkness as well as the light.

Let’s not silently shame ourselves when things aren’t perfect or be afraid to acknowledge them.

Identify what’s out of balance so you can correct it. Then activate the powers of your mind and leverage the laws of the universe to create greater momentum towards everything you wish for.

Nothing in the world is a more powerful force than authenticity (not even love according to science).

There may never be a more perfect time than this moment for you to open yourself to greater authenticity and truth.

If you’ve become numb to the ways life has gotten off-track, have turned to unhealthy coping strategies, or are ready for a mindset shift so you can live the life you feel inspired to live, let’s talk.

Lots of love,

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