I have big news.  BIG news!

For years – 5 years actually – I have been working on something that only a very few number of people knew about.  I kept it close to my heart because it needed protecting.  I squeezed it into nap times, late nights, and early mornings.  I took time off when I was depleted and dove in head first when I was inspired.  It was the kind of goal that needed to be nurtured, supported, and loved until it was ready to take flight.

That time has finally come and I’m ready to share with you.  If you’ve been following me on Facebook you may have heard glimpses about it.

On September 15 my new book Mindset Magic: Using Scientific & Spiritual Principles to Create Your Life is launching!

With its upcoming release it has also come a whole bucket full of emotions.  I’m thrilled and excited to share my message on a larger scale.  I’m wondering how it will be received.  I’m curious what this will lead to.  It feels like it’s the beginning of something bigger than I can see right now.

And so I’m leaning into faith and positive expectation.  I know it will be fantastic and that doors will open and it will touch the lives of many people.

My book has even been gifted an endorsement by Michael Bernard Bechwith.  You may know him from the movie The Secret.

Thank you to those of you who along the way have casually commented I should write a book or that I was a gifted writer.  I took your words to heart and have created something I’m very proud of.

I’d love your support and feedback when it’s ready.

Much love,

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