Breaking through your upper limit

Do you ever worry that if things are too good, the rug will be pulled out from under your feet?
Or that something feels off when life feels easy?

It’s common and predictable and is referred to as your Upper Limit.  It’s the limit you subconsciously hold that keeps you stuck a set amount of joy, happiness, pleasure, abundance…  

​​When you reach this upper limit and try to have more than what you believe is possible or appropriate, your subconscious pulls you back into the comfort zone of what you’re accustomed to and where it feels safe.  

It’s connected deeply to your perception of your worthiness and the core beliefs you have about yourself.

So when you encounter the boundaries of your upper limit, you’re in a wonderful position to break through to your next level.  It’s an opportunity to expand and discover what you truly wish to believe about your place in the world and what you deserve. 

It comes in many forms, so you need be aware of what’s taking place in order to make the shift and uplevel your thinking (and your results). Nothing will happen if you remain blind to it.  

  • It’s your procrastination on tasks that move you closer to what you want.
  • It’s the argument you start hours after your big success.
  • It’s the injury or illness that grabs hold after you’ve been stepping out of your comfort zone and know you are doing well.

Chances are that you’ve encountered this familiar obstacle quite often in the past.  It can become predictable in the sense that you begin to anticipate it when you feel yourself getting close to the invisible line you haven’t been able to figure out quite yet.

My invitation to you is that when you feel yourself following the same path you’ve been down many times before, begin to explore how this experience can help you break through and align more deeply with who you are at the deepest levels.  Because the sooner you do, the sooner you’ll create a life that fills you with a greater sense of peace, joy, and fulfillment.

I’m rooting for you.

P.S. If you are tired of encountering the same blocks and limitations and need help identifying your upper limits, then request a Discover Call with me to talk about your situation, identify your struggles, and figure out a way to solve it for good.  Just imagine how good it will feel when you no longer have to wait for the shoe to drop on your happiness.  This conversation may be the one that takes your life beyond your own imagination.  Book your call here.  

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