Can you be replaced?

Who you are and what you do matters.
Until it doesn’t.

Your value is often determined by outside perspective and priorities…

As an employee, you’re just a cog in the machine that keeps things moving forward. It’s your skills and knowledge that are valued, not necessarily you as the person behind them. The bottom line rules business and if the metrics don’t add up, you’ll be replace in a very short period of time.

As an entrepreneur/business owner, it’s dually faceted. Ideally you’ve created a business that allows you to focus on the areas of our unique brilliance and delegate the rest so you’re able to step away from work without everything falling apart. You’re not replaceable but you’re not needed for everything. But if your business model requires you to to do everything and be everything to everyone, then your freedom is limited; if you go away, then so does your business.

As a partner in a relationship, much depends upon how you are showing up for it and them. Yet sometimes you can give everything you have and it’s still not enough. Due to their own reasons, at times others are unable to understand or acknowledge your contribution in the relationship and will choose to walk away.


As a soul moving in a 3D world, there’s no possibility that you can ever be replaced.

Your soul journey and full potential are more powerful and meaningful than beyond comprehension. You are priceless in the evolution and expansion of the universe.

Not everyone will value you the way that you deserve.
Not everyone will see your worth.

But you can.

You can embody the fullest expression of who you are meant to be and know you are enough.

Because it’s really not about your worth but rather where attention and priorities are focused.

Some will understand.
Others won’t.

Focus on the ones that do.

The relationships that last are the ones where you’re showing up authentically and are meeting the needs of others. You allow them to discover your importance and the deep connections created demonstrate your impact. You become irreplaceable.

The value you bring to work and home goes beyond financial transactions and moves into the impact you create with your unique perspective, insight, and intentionality regardless if others see it. It becomes less about the daily actions involved, and more about purpose, possibilities, and potential that keep you connected.

So let yourself be replaced by those who believe you to be replaceable.

Learn to show up for who you are, not for what you do. Honor yourself and your time. Strengthen your boundaries and create balance to stay true to yourself and the life you feel inspired to live.

You can’t maintain success or happiness if you’re depleted, nor if you don’t see yourself as one-of-a-kind.

When you’re ready to uplevel your perception of yourself, shift your esteem, and step into a more fulfilling soul-led life, I’m here for you.

Lots of love,
Krysti xo

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