Cultivate this skill and your life will transform

Sticking your head in the sand won’t make things go away nor will it make anything better.

Yet all too often, that’s exactly what we do when we’re stressed out, overwhelmed, and don’t know what to do differently.  As a result, you fall back into the old patterns and behaviors that have kept you stuck and unfulfilled for far too long.

It’s what’s happening when you find yourself repeatedly working long hours, numbing out, disengaging from things you used to love, staying in careers or relationships too long, or over-indulging with things that won’t help you reach your goals.  You unconsciously believe that if you don’t give it your energy and attention that it will somehow take care of itself.

This type of avoidance is a sort of psychological armor you can develop to protect you from feelings you don’t know how to handle, aren’t ready to acknowledge, or feel powerless against.

In the long run, though, in order to change something, you must become aware of it.  That means taking a good look at what is actually taking place within and around you.

While it’s not always easy to admit the struggles or misalignments taking place in your life, this insight will empower you to take control over yourself and your situation so that you can reach your highest potential.

No longer will you feel confusion about why things are the way they are because when you dive into the truth of something, you know it more completely.  In that space of awareness and authenticity, you’ll be able to be a witness your life without feeling any criticism or judgment about it which then makes it easier to take action on your next best steps.

The beautiful outcome of this practice is that not only do you become aware of the things in your life that you’d like to change, but you also become more keenly aware of the wonderful aspects taking place in your life as well.

For this process, it’s helpful to work from the outside and then move inward.

1. Your Outer World
Grab a sheet of paper and make two columns.  On one side, identify everything that you love, that feels good, and that you want more of. On the other side, identify everything that you’ve been tolerating, that makes you feel out of alignment, and that you don’t want to experience anymore.  You’ll clearly see where you’re on track and which areas of your life need attention.

2.  Your Inner World
Then once you’ve reflected on those outer aspects of your life, shift your attention to your inner world.   When thinking about the things you’ve listed in the column you’d like to transform, notice the thoughts that you’ve been repeatedly thinking and discover if they are helping or hurting your situation.  Notice what you’ve been avoiding confronting because it feels to overwhelming, frightening, confusing, or upsetting. Identify the beliefs and patterns you’ll need to transform in order for your life to reach the next level.  

As you learn to cultivate the skill of deep awareness and understanding, you get clear on what you need to shift, eliminate, or do more of so you can reach your goals faster and experience more peace and joy in your life.

In the end, it’s up to you to make the most out of this life you’ve been given.

Your purpose and importance in the world are far too important for you to stay stuck, unhappy, or longing for more than what you are experiencing.

Lots of love,

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