Cultivating Compassion for Yourself

I recently began a new practice of rising earlier than normal.  There is nothing like the silence of the early morning.  When the world has not yet woken and the track in your head has not yet started, you hear things differently.  The whisper of your deepest Self speaks louder and more clearly.  You can feel the pulse of the Divine within and around you. Mornings feel more sacred somehow when you tune in and allow yourself to be fully present with what is and what you wish to be.

The other day my alarm went off as usual. I felt a different whisper and allowed myself to be lead. I sensed the time needed to be filled with more being than doing, even less of a loose structure than normal, so I listened.  My morning wasn’t typical but it was, in some ways, even more sacred than normal. There was a deeper connection because I released any expectation of how the morning would unfold. I allowed myself to follow my intuition and gave myself more grace and compassion.

So often we place heavy burdens upon ourselves.  We fall into the trap of “shoulds” and “have to’s”.  We treat ourselves more as machines, focused on production, rather than humans, focused on love.

It’s a love that we extend to others as well as ourselves.  Yet it’s easy to forget compassion towards ourselves with the endless list of to do’s, work projects, home projects, meals to plan, house to clean, children to raise, school activities, pets to feed, …

Most often we find ourselves on the very bottom of that ever-expanding list.

But when you develop a deep compassion for yourself, you begin to make yourself and your welfare a priority.

You begin to add those tasks and dreams and self-care opportunities into your day.

You discover that you are worthy of living a joyous, fulfilling, and peaceful life.

You discover that your needs and love for yourself become non-negotiable requirements.

You discover how to step into your Divine worth and value.

You realize how amazingly significant you are in the grand scheme of life…

and that makes you think and act differently, from a deeper place within yourself that is more connected to truth.

I invite you to cultivate more love and compassion for yourself.

Maybe it’s by starting your morning earlier with the intention of nurturing yourself first.

Maybe it’s by having that one conversation that could make all the difference.

The point is, give yourself more grace and your life will shift in wonderful ways.

Much love,

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Let this be the mantra that guides this week.


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