Everything is always working out for you

No matter what you’re experiencing, things are always working out for you.

  • The appointments cancelled last minute.
  • The miscommunication you had with your partner.
  • The muscle you pulled during your morning workout.
  • Getting the red light when you’re already running late.
  • Tech issues when you’re trying to get your report done before the end of the day.

Each of those are good things…  Do you believe it?

We’ve been conditioned to believe that what is in front of us is either good or bad, right or wrong, helpful or harmful.  Yet the experiences of our lives are delayed effects created in addition to, and beyond, our outer efforts.

Our world is a feeling universe that responds to the emotions and energetic vibrations you’re sending out. It’s working with you and on your behalf for your best interest and your highest good.  We can’t see the full picture of how everything is interconnected yet will find the most enjoyment and peace of mind when we have faith in a guiding wisdom that is beyond our limited human understanding.

It’s like the seed in the ground that encounters obstacles on its way to the surface. The seed doesn’t argue, get frustrated, or doubt itself.  It simply continues to move forward, trusting itself and the world around it to provide what it needs to reach its full potential.  The same is true for you.

But when what we experience in our lives is not what we want, it’s hard to trust that it’s all good because it doesn’t always feel that way.  Sometimes it feels as bad as it can get, or at least somewhere less than joyful.

So when that happens, you need to take a step back and look deeper.

Ask yourself *how* things are working out for you when they don’t appear to be so you can shift into the receptive mode.

Open yourself to the spiritual aspects of divine timing and redirection as you deepen your faith in the same force that guides the natural world around you.

Believe that when one door closes, ten other doors open.

Become aware of things that would not be possible if the situation before you had not occurred.

You feel better and more connected to yourself and others when you’re aware that things – all things – are working out for you regardless of what you see in front of you.  You’ll feel you’re not alone in life or the creation of your desires, that the universe has your back, and you don’t have to struggle.

You relax into a greater flow of surrender as you witness your life unfold in perfect order.

Knowing there is harmony and purpose inside of outer disruption or chaos, you feel safe enough to let go of your fear and worry over the things that are bothering you as trust in divine orchestration.  You intuitively know that you’re in the right place at the right time, and can learn what is in each moment for you to understand.

As you step back, you’ll witness the perfection of each experience and how it shaped you or led you to the next step in your growth, and the more you become aware of what’s going right, the more things will go right.

So no matter what is going on in your life, be grateful and believe that everything is working out for you.

Lots of love,

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