Filter out the noise

It can be hard to hear yourself think when there’s so much coming at you.

The beeping, buzzing, and constant connection….
It seems everyone wants something from you – your children, your husband, your team…​​​ your time, you attention, your money…

But it doesn’t stop there. 

​The demands come from within too.
The internal and external expectations, the obligations, the responsibilities that seem never ending.​​​..

At some point this constant noise in the background​​ can threaten to overpower what you really want (and need) to hear.  It’s the one thing that will save you from living a life unfulfilled:  

The sound of your deepest Self.
​​The whisper of your spirit that has​​​ purpose and an impact far greater than what you are aware of.

​The voice that calls you to expand, to grow, to experience life in new ways… that’s God speaking through you, as you. It’s the Divine seeking expression and creation that can only come through you.

Here’s what I know for sure:  When you allow yourself to focus on that most expansive part of you, the noise ​​​falls away.  You naturally begin to filter out all the chatter that is out of alignment with ​​your deepest truth. You lean into a trust of a wisdom that will guide you far better than you are able, if you allow it. 

What you want… Your desires, ideas, ​​and inspiration….

Allow those things to become the music that moves you​​ through life, even if you’re the only one that can hear it.  Let your rhythm​ cause ripples of vibration across the universe.  

Because it’s beautiful and needs to be heard.​​

Just like you.

Lots of love,

P.S. Hearing your own inner voice can sometimes be challenging.  If you need support and guidance in reconnecting to your deepest Self, maybe I can help.  Book a no-cost call and we’ll talk about your struggles and find a way to solve them (for good).  Click here so you can return to Self.

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