Finding stillness in all the noise

The chaos, the demands, the noise from outside just keeps coming and coming.  The telephone constantly chirping, the computer buzzing that notifies you of more than you need to know, the needy child calling “Mom, Mom, Mom” non-stop, the irritable partner grumbling because he’s dealing with his own issues, the work intrusions preventing you from completing a thought…

All that noise and distraction can not only give you a doozy of a headache, but it can drown out the sound of your own inner voice.  And the whispers from your deepest self are the ones you need to hear the most.

The silence within is often what we need the most when the world gets the loudest.

Here’s what I mean.  When the outside world starts pushing in, you need to go within so that you can hear your own voice. 

You need to connect with the deepest part of you that knows what you truly want.

You need to tap into that intuition and guidance within so that you can make the choices that are in alignment with your best and highest good.

When the outside becomes a burden rather than a blessing, make a shift and rediscover the stillness within.

It doesn’t matter if you take a walk, get creative with the arts, sit quietly and just breathe… just do whatever it is that you ‘do’ when you feel yourself settle into that spiritual space within. Then do a lot more of that!

Here’s to feeling the peace and contentment despite the noise.
I believe in you and I’m here for you.
Sending love,

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