Finding the bubbly, fizzy feeling

When was the last time you felt that bubbly, fizzy feeling tickle you from the inside?

(and not the kind that comes from a drink…¬†ūüėȬ†)

I’m talking about the pure excitement and eagerness that comes when you really want something and know that it’s so close to you.¬† When it’s exactly what you wanted and you just have to say yes and it’s yours.

It’s a full-body feeling that comes when you’re deeply aligned and inspired by what is taking place for you.¬† You become more alive and feel the vortex of energy move in and through you.

You feel more confident and powerful, and know without a doubt that the Universe is working with you to manifest your desires.

The truth is that you can have anything you want in life but you must be willing to make some changes to get it.  When you do the work to get clear on what precisely you want, align with it in your heart, and then actively take steps to make it happen, then it (or something even better) must happen.

But for many people, that doesn’t happen because they miss a step (or two).

Here’s what to do:
The first step is Creating your vision. It requires introspection and clarity on what you want for yourself.  So many people say they want more abundance, more romance, more freedom, more success yet never qualify what that means to them so it never happens.

You can never call into form what you don’t declare.¬† Your mind, as well as the Universal mind, needs specifics, so the only way to manifest it is to get clear on what exactly you want in life.

Perhaps you want…

  • More freedom to be who you are and make time for your passions rather than only fulfilling obligations for others so you can connect with your spiritual self more deeply.
  • To be surrounded by others who are experiencing a similar journey as you are so you can be inspired by their successes, know you’re not alone, and know it’s possible for you to achieve similar results.
  • A healthy mind and body that you trust and feel proud of so you can feel more confident about how you are showing up in life.
  • More connection and family time with your spouse and children so you can make more meaningful memories before time slips away.

In order to manifest your heart’s desire you must¬†open space in your life to receive¬†what you want.¬† But if you don’t know what you want, you will subconsciously never make room for it to happen.

That’s why you must¬†align with what you want¬†and begin to put in place the things in your life that will support this new way of feeling, being, living.¬† Decide you want and deserve those things and then allow yourself to embody that truth.

Then begin to take steps to bring it into your world.

  • Where can you physically change your environment so that you can see the transformation?¬†¬†
  • What do you need to shift so that you can allow the things you want to come into your life?¬†¬†
  • What needs to be released to make way for the new?

The Universe abhors a void, so when you let go of the old ways of your life, you allow your desires to fill in those empty spaces.  But that void can only get filled with what you are aligned with and have made room for, otherwise it will not come or will not stay.

Once you are clear and aligned, look for the opportunities that will move you closer to your dreams becoming your reality.  The Universe will rearrange itself in such wonderous ways that you will know for certain you are not alone.

And along the way, you’ll feel that wonderful bubbly, joyful feeling that reminds you that you can experience anything you choose to in life when you fully step into it.

Sending you lots of love and inspiration,

P.S.¬† If you would like help getting clear and knowing the strategy that will allow you to shift your life into everything you hope it could be (stronger relationships, better health, more confidence to live the way¬†you¬†choose),¬†then let’s talk (for free) about working together.¬† This one conversation could be the one that unlocks it all for you.¬† Bringing the intangible into the tangible is likely what you need.

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