Gratitude when you’re grumpy

Truth be told, my family is driving me a bit bonkers.

Maybe you can relate to feeling like this?

Of course you love them more than words to say, and are so very grateful to have them in your life, but sometimes you just need time to yourself.

Time to think without interruption, time to relax and decompress, to reconnect with your deepest self.  Time to dream and align with the desires you feel calling from within.

But lately there’s hardly time to breathe between all the things that need to be done.  As a woman, mother, wife, and breadwinner there are always many (many) responsibilities. And the whole COVID situation has added a healthy heaping of family drama that wasn’t there before because everyone’s forced to make unexpected adjustments.

Maybe you’ve found that sometimes you’re short-tempered when you don’t mean to be, or not fully present because you’re thinking about the things you still have to take care of, or delaying your desires until everyone else is somewhat content.

What I have found very effective when I’m leaning towards overwhelm and grumpiness, is to remind myself of the things for which I’m grateful.  Because you always have a choice in what you focus on.

  • You can be grateful for the family you have that you love so dearly and life wouldn’t be the same without.
  • You can be grateful for the work that needs to be done because the work you do matters.
  • You can be grateful for the homework you help your child with because you’re privileged to live where they can receive a good education.
  • You can be grateful for the endless chores that teach your family team work and responsibility.
  • You can be grateful for the frustration you feel because it helps you remember your priorities and the things that are important to you.
You can lift your life in so many ways, even when you’re feeling like you’re at your breaking point.

You can elevate your energetic vibration and discover gratitude for the discomfort you felt moments ago.

It’s all a choice.

How you choose to experience the hardships and the high notes are all up to you.

Here’s to finding gratitude everywhere you look.

Sending you so much love,

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