Here’s how to stop spinning your wheels

Ever feel like no matter what you do, you’re not getting any farther ahead?

The truth is that while nearly everyone is striving for something, it’s easier for some than it is for others.

Success comes faster for some because they’ve learned how to avoid getting tangled up in the pitfalls that so many people fall into.  

Yet no matter what your journey has been, more than likely you’ve experienced the ups and downs that life has to offer.  Those experiences have shaped your internal set points and how you respond to the world around you, for better or for worse.

But you can’t always put words or a voice to things that are buried deep or you aren’t aware of, or when you don’t know what you don’t know.  It’s like the blind leading the blind, the grief that doesn’t speak, the dark that hasn’t come to light, or the treasure yet to be found.

Your emotional responses and triggers operate at a subconscious level and can sabotage your best efforts unless you’ve learned to transform them into actions that not only work for you, but also propel you toward your desired results.

Otherwise, they’ll show up in your work and business when you repeatedly experience the same results despite your desire to make changes.  You’ll take on too much, play small, or stay stuck in analysis paralysis.

They’ll show up in your attempts to create healthier relationships when you’re basing your actions on past experiences.  You’ll encounter the same situations, in different forms, and wonder why things stay the same.

They’ll show up in your health when you default to old programming that doesn’t serve the outcomes you’d like to have.  You’ll distract yourself, justify your behavior, or promise yourself you’ll get on track  and follow through tomorrow.

While your thoughts and beliefs can be altered, your body doesn’t lie and your intuition is giving you direction.  Always.

So pay attention…

  • If you’re exhausted and have a headache, look at what (or who) is draining your time and energy and “hurts” to think about.
  • If you’re overwhelmed and feel stuck, identify the cause of the pressure and where you’re getting blocked.
  • If you have a knot in the pit of your stomach every time you think about something (or someone),determine what it is that you’re afraid of.
  • If you’re feeling light and airy, determine what (or who) that expansive feeling is coming from or associated with.
  • If you are bursting with energy, think about what you’re feeling inspired by or want to do.

You’ll stop spinning your wheels when you start paying attention… and then listen to your inner knowing to make new choices.  

Sometimes the guidance is to do a certain action and propels you to read that book, stop at that store, start that project, hire that coach, make that call…

Sometimes it’s subtle and prompts you to take a leap of faith, say yes before you can see the whole path, and trust that you’ll figure it out along the way.

But no matter what it is that you’re encountering in your life and business at the moment, pay attention and follow the clues.

Choose the actions that will lead you toward the results you wish to have, but don’t let your unconscious programmed emotions muddle the choices you’re making.  Sometimes you can make the changes on your own, but more often than not you’ll need some outside support to help you see what you haven’t been able to see.

Lean into the insight and guidance your body and intuition are providing you, and make your choices based on faith (in yourself and the Universe) rather than fear.

You’ll be so glad you did.

Sending you lots of love,

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