Hobo reminded me of this

I had to take my cat, Hobo, to the vet yesterday. But he also reminded me of a great lesson yesterday I wanted to share with you.

He was showing all the signs of something being wrong – I called the vet and got ready to go. Here’s where my lesson began…

I brought out the carrier and set it on the table. Our two younger cats (Duncan and Muffin), who have only been inside once for a vet trip when they were little, were very curious about what this weird box thing was.

Our older cat, Jinx, very seasoned with experiences, saw the familiar carrier and her terror-filled eyes locked onto it. As soon as she heard the door open, she bolted upstairs.

I turned the carrier on its side so we could easily drop Hobo inside, feet first. Duncan bolted upstairs with that simple movement – somewhere in the recesses of his mind he remembered. His fear triggered Muffin to follow close behind, perhaps believing he knew something she didn’t yet know.

My husband and I plopped Hobo inside where he stayed quiet. Once in the car, Hobo said a few meows asking “What’s going on?” but as soon as he felt the vibration of the car, he openly shared his concern. It soon shifted to full on fear as his meows became increasingly louder as we drove on.

In the vet’s room, he gladly left the carrier into the strange new place. But even though he was afraid, continuing to meow, he explored every nook and cranny. His fear gradually turned into a simple unease and he greeted the vet and staff with such warmth and openness. Even after they poked and prodded him, he wanted their snuggles and affection. He trusted he was going to be ok and was surrounded by people who were looking out for his best interest.

Our return trip home was much quieter and after freed from his container, he walked around with an air of confidence between the other cats. He had overcome and returned better for it.

Turns out he gave himself a UTI, the poor guy 

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Sometimes, unexpected things come up that can be really scary. It’s how you deal with them that matters. You can choose to run away from the things that cause you fear and pain (but that doesn’t help you to get closer to what you want), or you can choose to run toward pleasure which always feels good. Life isn’t always going to be easy or go according to plan, but if you look for the good – if you find the things amongst the fear or discomfort that can bring you joy – you can then make something dreaded turn into something wonderful.

So what’s scary in your life that a simple shift in your thoughts can make all the difference for?

Much love,


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