Hope in the New Year

Our lives are bound by seasons, cycles, stages, and stories.

In each, the old falls away to create space for the new. There are endings of a sort as chapters close and we turn the page to start the next.

The old prepares and nourishes the foundation for what will come… new beginnings and an unknown future.

Make way for the energy of your authentic self and deepest desires to come through this year.

Release any negativity in the space of your heart and mind and welcome peace, love, and joy in it’s place.

That means letting go of things that no longer serve you, a willingness to overcome the subconscious patterns and blocks that have been keeping you stuck, and a love for yourself that believes you are worthy of everything beautiful in the world.

Hope is a powerful combination of heart and logic.

From hope stems a perspective that everything is working out for you. You open to positive expectation and intention with an eagerness and passion that creates freedom and joy in the unseen. It is trusting that whatever comes next will be better than before.

You already have everything within yourself to call in a life that honors you and the life you feel inspired to create. Let yourself surrender to the divine wisdom of your deepest mind and sacred soul. Let yourself be guided by the loving Source that moves you and creates worlds.

The yearning within is inviting you to make way for your fullest potential to come through. Feel that energy within you and allow its expression to manifest into form.

No matter what you experienced last year, your present conditions are not permanent no matter what they may be.

What’s coming next will always have a good ending; if it’s not good then it’s simply not the end.

Growth continues only inward and outward, always in expansion. Contraction and retraction only are preparation for the amplification of what’s coming next.

So at this beginning of the New Year, let yourself hope for what may come and feel the touch of your soul in all that you do.

Bountiful goodness and blessings are surely flowing to you and the best is yet to come.

Let me know how I can help.

Sending you so much love,

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