How I stay connected to my purpose

You are here with a purpose, for a purpose, and you matter.
You matter more deeply than you can possibly imagine and your impact will be felt long after you have left this place.

Your soul knows this.  You did too, at least at one point.
But it’s easy to forget or get off track.

As someone who’s been at this for so long, I want to assure you that…

It’s normal to feel lost or overwhelmed at times.
It’s normal to question yourself or doubt the path you are on.
It’s normal to feel disconnected from your passion and purpose.
It’s normal to not know what your next steps forward are.

Yet, let me assure you, you have within you all of the answers.

Yes it’s helpful to get support and seek out someone who can help you navigate your way back to yourself and your deepest desires.

Because sometimes life hits you hard and you find yourself somewhere unwanted or unexpected.  And sometimes, it’s the little choices you make along that way that lead you to that unrecognizable place you find yourself in.

“How did I get here?”
“How can I find my way back to joy and fulfillment?”

But everything you need is already within you.

There is a reason you are exactly the way you are, and only you can do what you are meant to do.  There is a reason your life has lead you to this very moment, here with me.

I’ve discovered that the easiest way to stay connected to my purpose, is to remember who I am.  When I remember and appreciate all the good and quirky things about myself, I tap into my innate brilliance. When I connect with and honor all the experiences and areas I wish to strengthen, I remember the lessons I’ve learned about myself and who I wish to be.  I remember the things that give me tremendous peace and joy and make time stand still.

Something I’ve also learned to do often is to go within and connect with my intuition and innermost self.  There I ask for guidance and direction and the next steps forward.  Then I take that inspired action and say yes to the opportunities that align with it.

There is so much more to life than just the 9-5, working for the weekends, and settling for scraps of happiness.

Your soul is calling to you, asking you to heed the call and step into your greatness.  It’s something only you can do.

Sending you lots of love,

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Let’s talk about obstacles.

Obstacles can feel big and overwhelming, keeping you from the things you want for yourself.  Yet obstacles are also an opportunity. 

They are an opportunity to pause and reflect upon what’s true for you in the moment.  It’s an invitation to reassess if what you’re striving for is really what you want, and the chance to determine your best course of action moving forward. 

Obstacles are also divine redirection, shifting you from one path or outcome to another that is more in alignment with your best and highest good.

You can learn to be thankful for the blessing in disguise and know that things will be better in the end because of the obstacles.

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