How to ask, believe, and receive

When you ask, do you believe it has already been answered?

Have you cultivated the deep connection between yourself and the divine, trusting and knowing with certainty that what you seek is also seeking you?

Believing in the underlying principles guiding our universe, do you have faith they are at your command, too?

Or in your asking, is it limited it to a hopeful petition that something, somewhere will grant favor upon you and your wish will come true?

Abra cadabra – “I will create as I speak”

There is power and creation in the words you choose to use.  There is energy and vibration, and connection and alignment.  When you speak the words through your thoughts and feelings, you are sending out a beacon of intention that will draw onto you in kind.

Across all time and space, your wish will be fulfilled when you believe there can be no other way than it to be yours.  The asking and receiving are but opposite sides of the same coin.

But it is not enough to simply ask once and then proceed to question and doubt.  You must ask, believe it is already given, and expectantly await its arrival.

And so ask with the clarity and certainty of desire, knowing that the words you speak (for better or worse) are a creative force.  Believe that God, the Universe, Source, the All That Is, is working with you for your best and highest good and yet you have influence over your experiences.  Finally, let yourself receive with an openness that allows the blessings to flow into and onto you knowing that all shall be well.

Sending you lots of love,

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In today’s video I share with you How to have more of what you want

You see, there’s a difference between saying you want something different, and actually doing the ‘things’ to make it happen. 

There’s a difference between complaining about your situation, and being committed to making a change.

In order to have more of what you want, you must be willing to get clear on exactly what that means, believe that what you want is possible for you, and be open to receiving your desires when they arrive.

Click here to watch.

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