How to find the method that works for you


It can be hard to know what to focus on and how best to move forward toward your goals when so many methods to get you there seem to be available for you to choose from at once.

So what often happens is you start one method (certain it holds the key to your success), then something new catches your eye and you shift onto that technique (a seemingly better key), but before long another fabulous thing comes along and you again shift focus onto that new approach (perhaps it’s the master key?).

Many of the women I work with who want to ditch the corporate grind and create their own legacy try strategy after strategy but never make any progress because they get distracted before they can get any momentum.

  • They have a stack of self-help books on their bedside table and are reading three of them at once, learning but not embodying the insight they gain.
  • They attend the weekend seminars and then quickly unplug from their growth when they return to every day life because it doesn’t fit into their busy schedules.
  • They join course after course looking for the one thing that’ll make everything click into place for them but never really implementing what they’ve learned from each fully.

Can you relate?

It’s not uncommon for high-achievers to want to throw everything they can at a problem, trusting that something will eventually stick.

But the true way to connecting all the pieces in your life and becoming more fulfilled and aligned with who you’re meant to be (and creating a life you love), is to figure out which way works best for you and then stick to it.

The way to do that is to figure out how you’re wired (how you think and learn best) and then find a process that takes that into account AND provides you with the mindset shifts required to make changes as well as the practical strategic action steps to propel you forward.

That’s a tall order – but it’s the recipe for success.

When you learn to trust your intuition and the inner guidance always available to you, you’re able to make quick decisive actions to identify what’s best for you and keep yourself accountable for maintaining the course until you’re successful.

Then when that next flashy method promising the fastest path to success crosses your path, you’ll remain committed to what you’ve chosen for yourself and let it pass you by without being distracted and pulled off course.

You’ll be able to prioritize yourself and keep your attention focused on the things that will truly help you to overcome your inner resistance, feel better mentally and physically, and make the impact you were born to make in life.

The answers are already within you.  If you need support in identifying what that looks like for you, let’s chat.  Together we’ll identify your next steps and determine what’s right for you moving forward.

Lots of love,

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