How to get out of your own way

Wherever you go, there you are. ūüėÉ

So often when people are fed up with the way their life is going, they try to change something – their work, their relationship, their location…

They try anything and everything to make themselves and their situation feel better and match the vision they have for their life.

Those external changes may soothe their discontent at least for little awhile.¬† Before long, they’ll often start to see the same patterns reappearing again in their life.¬† Those patterns, of course, show up in a new form but they still hold the frequency of the things they tried to leave behind.

What I’ve learned is that no matter how many times or how hard you try to fix the things on the outside that aren’t working, unless you adjust the things that aren’t quite right on the inside you’ll continuously fight the same battles.¬† You’ll repeatedly come up against yourself and familiar scenarios.

The real transformation must take place on the inside.

Otherwise you’ll only get¬†so¬†far¬†before the edges of your comfort zone get activated and you encounter your upper limits.¬† When that happens, you’re subconscious mind goes into overdrive in order to make you feel safe in what’s comfortable and known (even if it doesn’t feel good or give you what you want).

In order to shift what you’re experiencing in a meaningful way, you need to do things in a way you perhaps haven’t done them before.

At the core, you’ll need to get out of your own way – in the big and the small ways – so you can redefine and rediscover your authentic self, feel empowered to make choices based on desires (rather than old mental programming), and more completely be able to honor your spiritual path and purpose.

It requires asking deeper questions than maybe you’re used to asking, feeling emotions you’d rather avoid, and thinking with a different perspective.¬† You’ll need to be open to challenging long-standing thoughts or beliefs about yourself so you can find greater peace and success (whatever that means to you).

The freedom you’re seeking will only come when you shift what’s taking place within yourself.

It doesn’t matter how many times you change the outside if what’s going on inside of you isn’t working.¬† You’ll still end up with the same result in a new expression of the old. This will continue to happen until you become aware of the underlying cause and shift it at the deepest level.

The only thing that will enable you to experience quantum leaps towards greater joy and fulfillment is to address the fundamental beliefs that are getting in your way of success.

Here’s what you can do to start:

  1. Notice the repeating patterns taking place in your life.¬† Figure out which ones you love and which you’d like to shift.
  2. Figure out why you keep experiencing the ones you want to shift.¬† What thought or belief is behind it?¬† Ex: You want to spend more time with your partner but you’re always working late. Perhaps you have poor boundaries or a belief that in order to be successful you have to work super hard.¬†¬†
  3. Identify a better feeling thought or belief that you can adopt. Through repetition or reprogramming, embody this new belief that will allow you to create a life that’s aligned with the outcomes you wish to experience.¬† Ex:¬† Rather than believing you have to work all day and night, you might choose to believe that by setting strong boundaries you’ll work more efficiently and be even more successful than you had been.¬†¬†

You deserve the happiness that comes when you step into the best version of yourself.

Not to only that, but the people you’re divinely connected with are also waiting for you to step into your brilliance and light so you can serve and support them in even grander ways than you already are.

Your fullest potential is a breath away.

It’s time and you’re ready.

Sending love,

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