How to leave the past behind

There is beauty in the highs and lows of your history. 

Each moment offers opportunities for greater love and understanding of who you are.  They reveal the path to a more intimate and loving relationship with yourself and others, to experience greater success and abundance, improved health and wellness, and to feeling deeper fulfillment and peace in your life.  

Whether your past is filled with triumph or tragedy, your past has allowed you to come to this point in time in your personal evolution.  Without it, you wouldn’t be the person you are today in this moment.  And who you are is a remarkable thing, .  

Yet sometimes you can get stuck reliving the past.  

It can show up in the beliefs you have about yourself, the feelings you withhold from yourself, the opportunities you choose to act upon, and the vision you allow of your future.  

When you’re aligned with your highest potential, you empower yourself with a strong mindset that supports your intentions.

You trust in your ability to experience success and happiness regardless of what you see in front of you.

You have faith that you are being supported along the way and the confidence to take action on the things that will bring your desired future to you.

You are willing to step out of your comfort and become who you need to be so you can embrace the powerful future that is waiting for you.  

You tap into your courage to turn inward to discover what’s holding you back, how you’re getting in your own way, the emotions or situations you’re avoiding, the limiting thoughts that keep you from being as successful as you’d like, the willingness to create a new (and better) story for yourself, and the freedom to envision the ideal and grandest outcomes you can imagine.

You’ll leave the past behind when you stop reliving it.

In doing so, you expand the possibilities that are available to you as you consider how you can use your past as leverage to propel you forward because of your past. 

You stop 
fighting what was or has been, and in doing, so you consent to release the past and your attachments to it. That means letting go of the story you tell yourself about what it means to you and about you so you can free yourself from its bondage and step into a more empowered version of yourself. 

It’s surrendering the patterns of your mental and emotional imprisonment so you can honor a higher and more authentic truth within that recognizes your full potential.

It’s trusting that the unconscious patterns you used to navigate and cope with those experiences served a purpose at the time you were experiencing them, knowing you did the best you could with the knowledge and skills you had at that time, and that you can choose different strategies going forward.

Because continuing those same patterns that are keeping you stuck and discontent will only stagnant your present moments and disconnect you from feeling pleasure and personal fulfillment. They will limit your opportunities, your income, and your connections with the people and things that are important to you.  

The questions to consider are whether or not you are willing to leave who you are in this present moment behind so you can discover who you can be.  Are you willing to heal your heart by giving yourself the permission and freedom to release the past?  Are you willing to prioritize your future over your past and do what it takes to overcome your inner resistance?

There comes a time when your choices result from your willingness to continue unconsciously replaying the past in your present moments or if you’ll choose to feel a deeper compassion and love for yourself and your journey so you can open yourself to the possibilities of a brighter future.

To release the past, discover:

  • What needs to be healed within so you give yourself permission to create something new
  • What actions you could take to achieve those results if all possibilities were open to you
  • Who you need to become in order to do that
  • What opportunities are available to you because of your past experiences
  • What blessings and insights you can gain from the past that offer your greatest transformations

Sometimes it’s hard to do that without outside support because you can’t always see your blind spots to understand how you’re subconsciously blocking your success and happiness.

If you need help, I’m here for you.  

Lots of love,

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