How to Move On after a Significant Life Event

How do you move on when the world as you know it has been rocked to the core?

Its form is irrelevant – divorce, addiction, job or financial loss, health scares, trauma, abuse, death…

When the foundation upon which you’ve centered yourself or even built your life around shifts, you’re left with two options:

You can lament your losses, fixate on what was, focus on everything that is missing, and wish for the life that can no longer be true for you moving forward or

You can grieve for what was, be grateful for the gifts given to you, and focus on how to find joy and experience your life differently from now on.  The choice is always yours.

You can use adversity to find your strengths and unlock your inner resilience.  You can rebuild your life after a life-changing transition or major setback and allow yourself to undergo deep personal transformation.

When you become more conscious and intentional about the spiritual journey you’re on, you’ll be ready to realign with who you are, who you’re meant to be, and how you choose to live your life no matter what happens.

You’ll be willing to see that everything that appears in your life is an opportunity for you to turn inward and be inspired by a powerful and magical Presence within that moves in and through you so that you can not only fulfill your greatest potential but also impact your loved ones and the world around you in a significant and profound way.

You can choose to no longer settle and sacrifice yourself because you understand how precious time and life is.  You can refuse to allow yourself to stay down when life knocks you down because you know that you and your life have deep meaning beyond what you can see.

You can experience a deeper connection to yourself and to Source when you allow yourself to be fully present in each moment and witness what each experience offers you. Doing so will allow you to gain a deeper understanding of the purpose behind your hardships.

The lessons you learn will help you loosen your grip on what’s happening around you so you can return to Self, love yourself more deeply, and create a life that inspires you.

You can discover how to rely upon your inner guidance and a higher power to show you the next right action.

You recover and move on from a significant event one day at a time.  At times you’ll experience yourself moving slowly into the feelings and insight that present themselves while other times you’ll experience quantum leaps of deep integration and understanding into the core of your being.

Love and acknowledge the necessity of each unfolding of wisdom and growth as a beautiful step along your path. Your connection and understanding of the life-altering experience you’ve gone through will continue to expand and unfold so be patient with yourself.

Everything is happening as it should so that you can experience the beauty that awaits you.

As you gain a greater appreciation, love, and respect for yourself and your personal journey, you’ll find it easier to experience inner peace and emotional stability during the ebbs and flows of life.

People will come and go.  Times may be filled with poverty or plenty, heartbreak or happiness.  Change is never-ending.

Yet through it all, you can remain true to yourself.  You can love yourself no matter what happens because you know who you are and you know you are worthy of love.

You can become willing to do the inner work to become the best version of yourself possible so that you can experience more purpose and meaning as you live with passion and pleasure.

Your life is a reflection of who you are and who you can become if you allow yourself to explore your life more deeply than ever before.  You can be grateful for the pain and the sorrow which lead you to authentic truths within.  The pleasure and beauty in your life can validate your alignment with the flow of your most joyous path.  Your divine essence can continue to guide you to new layers of insight even faster than before when you trust that everything is happening for a reason.  Even those things that turn you inside out and take you to unexpected places.

Love and honor yourself more fully and be willing to proclaim the beauty in where your personal and spiritual growth has led you. Because where you are is the most beautiful place there is, and yours is truly a life worth living.

Turn your attention inward, let yourself be inspired, and discover how this one thing can lead you to everything.

Sending love,

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