How to NOT do it all

You have a lot going on.  I mean *seriously* a lot.
It’s enough to pull your hair out.

Somehow you became the person who is responsible for everything.  The cooking, the cleaning, paying the bills, managing your people, running a business, homeschooling your kids, nurturing your relationship, staying connected with your friends, keeping your family happy and healthy…

You’re the one everyone relies on to keep things on track and get things done.  You handle everything everyone else doesn’t want to do.  You put out the fires.  Ensure things run smoothly.  Make everyone happy…

Everyone except yourself.

You can feel yourself burning out and it’s impacting your health and your enjoyment in life.  

In the process of doing it all, the one thing you’ve been letting slip is the thing that actually means the most.

It’s the thing that you feel called to do yet have been putting off or not listening to: your spiritual purpose.  This misalignment is the reason you feel so overwhelmed and off-balance.  Because that part of you is being overlooked and ignored.

All to often we bang our drums, glorifying how we’re doing everything and anything.  Almost like we’re looking for permission that it’s ok we’ve strayed so far from ourselves. Because in truth, we know we’re not connected to the deeper dream we feel called to live.

I know you don’t need to hear it from me, but let me reassure you that it’s OK to not do everything.

It’s OK to say no.
It’s OK to say yes.
It’s OK to say now’s not the best time.
It’s OK to say I need help.

But what’s not OK is to ignore that most important part of yourself that is here to impact the world in so many unknown ways.  

When you disconnect from your spiritual self, you soon discover yourself misaligned with the things that matter to you.  You begin to numb out, go through the motions, and life becomes a struggle.  You lose the joy you once had and slowly life loses its true meaning.

So this is my invitation to you to not do it all.  To simply allow yourself to take a step back and discover what it really is you want for yourself in your heart of hearts.  To realign with your spirit and remember your deeper desires.  Then make that a priority so that you have more peace, more purpose, and are more fulfilled.

Sending you love,

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