How to predict the future

So many people leave their lives up to chance.

They respond to the events happening around them and feel a loss of control.  The bigger picture they’re longing for in their heart feels elusive and out of reach.

Maybe you, too, have felt trapped on a hamster wheel, stuck at a plateau, or sacrificing too much when you’d rather be succeeding more.

As a result, you might dive deeper into finding a solution to help get you unstuck.

While action can help get things moving, it may not always move things in the most ideal direction you’d like to go. More than likely it’ll result in more of the same that you’ve been experiencing.

Because when it comes down to it, although some things might change, the important deeper inner aspects often are left unchanged.  When that happens, you can pretty much guarantee what the outcomes will be.

So how do you actually create the life you want and predict the future?

You actively participate in its creation.

You show up fully for yourself and the life you feel called to live. You engage in the inner work of transformation and the outer actions that connect with deeper levels of your authenticity and intention.

Doing so will exponentially impact not only the way you feel about yourself and your place in the world, but it’ll also practically guarantee you feel more confident, fulfilled, and inspired by your life.

Aligning with your highest self and shifting into the positive expectation that life is working with you and for you is the greatest way to create a life that speaks to your soul.  It’s also the fastest.

The magic comes when you realize your outer experiences are a direct reflection of your internal mental state. 

So when the external starts to get stale or shift off-track, the first place to focus your attention is inward.

That means developing the courage to look within to discover where there may be resistance to the life you desire.  Notice where you are misaligned with the future that calls to you.

Tune into the subconscious patterns that are getting in the way of your happiness. You might not know exactly how you’re getting in your own way or how to overcome it (that’s when it’s helpful to have outside support), but you’ll see it in your results and often feel it in your body.

As you begin to embody new thoughts and beliefs, your confidence and self-image naturally strengthen along with them. You feel new truths within your body as your vibration attunes to greater resonance with your soul.

You’ll begin to connect more deeply with the vision and the mission that are in your heart.

The Universe will move after you do.

Opportunities will come to you unexpectedly and blessings will flow into your life as you tap into your fullest potential. In life and in business.

It’s time to return to yourself.
It’s time to allow the future that’s greater than your wildest dreams to come through.
It’s time to love yourself even more deeply.

Be willing to get uncomfortable so you can become more comfortable with the life that’s whispering in your ear.

When you do that, you can count on your life becoming truly inspiring.

I would love to walk this journey with you and make this next year truly magical.

Sending love,

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