How to stay with strong emotions

Have you ever noticed that sometimes there’s a reluctance that can come up when you’re about to feel some really strong emotions.  It doesn’t matter if it’s something positive or something negative – both can trigger it. 

Maybe you’re afraid to take that next step because it’ll start everything in motion, so you keep putting it off…  
Maybe you avoid what’s really been going on because you don’t feel ready to handle what’s coming…
Maybe you just numbly focus on getting things done, completing the tasks without really being present with what those tasks mean…

I get it.  Really I do.

Feelings can come in waves that are so strong sometimes that it feels like they threaten to destroy you.  It can feel so heavy and so dark, and cause you to feel a sense of helplessness to what’s taking place.  Or perhaps they cause you to question who you know yourself to be, what you’re capable of, and how you’ll change once it actually happens.

So you do whatever it takes to move away from the pain that those strong emotions activate.

Yet within the wave of this power, comes pure strength and deep understanding.  

Since our universe is made up of infinite duality, it’s only in allowing yourself the opportunity to fully experience your situation that you can appreciate what’s truly important and meaningful to you and what you will take from it as you move forward.

Because the thing is that the depth of your emotions demonstrates the depth of its opposite.

The depth of your sorrow shows you the depth of your love…
The amount of love and joy you are willing to receive shows you just how worthy of those things you believe yourself to be…

Bottling or suppressing your feelings only denies what’s actually happening and ends up harming you in the end because at some point they’ll eventually show up in your life again, just in a different (more unpleasant) form.  Enter illness, unharmonious relationships, lost opportunities…

The Universe is working with you, for you, and through you.  Source reflects back to you exactly who you are and provides the way for insight and transformation to take place.

Being present with the feelings you are sensing and allowing them to move through you fully and completely, will allow you to truly know yourself. 

To thine own self be true.  

Lots of love,

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