How to tune into your inner wisdom

I don’t know much about planetary alignments but I know that many people, including myself, have been having some major triggers present themselves this year…

Of course, they haven’t been showing up in easy pleasant ways, but rather in the smack-you-in-the-head-bring-you-to-your-knees kind of way. The kind that force you to face those old wounds to clean them and clear them out.

Has that happened to you?

Maybe it’s shown up in the loss of your job, difficulties in your relationships, or that thing you thought you healed and worked through years ago coming back again.

Any disruption from your normal routine is uncomfortable.
Those major events can cause a lot of stress.

When you understand how to tune into your inner wisdom, truth, and guidance, you are able to get to the core of what’s presenting itself.  Quickly.

Just last week I experienced some unexpected success in an area of my life and after my immediate feeling of gratitude and appreciation (felt as lightness and openness), I felt another part of myself become triggered with fear.  I sensed the constriction and tightness within my body as it tried to settle into place.

I was able to tune into what was coming up and what was being triggered.  But I also realized I needed help to get deeper than thought I wanted to go on my own.  Someone to help guide the way to my own truth and inner wisdom.

I asked for support and guidance. I asked for it quickly.

I had already learned and understood quite a bit, and allowed myself to go even deeper.  New insight and clarity unfolded. My body unclenched and my mind became peaceful.

The shift was deep and refreshing… and quick.

Change doesn’t have to take a long time.  Insight doesn’t require an eternity to be gained. Healing can happen in an instant.

You can listen to the whispers that are being spoken from your deepest self. They may not always be what you want to hear, but the whispers are always truth.

You can tap into the feelings in your body and use them as a guide to where you are feeling empowered or blocked.  You can trust your body to always share what is being internalized.

You can dive into the divine gift of greater personal growth and spiritual development when you understand that everything in life is a reflection of what is experienced within your mind first.

Then those external disturbances become less powerful and you can trust that they are in your life for your best and highest good.

The wisdom is always within.  Give yourself permission to receive it.

Much love,

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