I won’t budge on this

There are some things in life that I absolutely won’t budge on.

At the top of that list is anything related to the safety and well-being of my child and my family.  My core principles and values are there, too, quite securely.

Where it can get a bit challenging at times is when it comes to myself.  Working in the personal development field for over 20 years, I know I’ll never stop learning, growing, and striving to fulfill my fullest potential.

Yet I know exactly how easy it is to fall back into old patterns of thought and behavior that no longer support me.  Especially during times of uncertainty or discomfort.

Perhaps this is true for you, too?

It’s very easy to numb ourselves with habits that enable us to ignore our unhappiness.  It doesn’t matter if it’s binging on Netflix, eating a tub of ice cream, or overindulging with sex or wine. Those only help to further the damage of your self-abuse and are often followed by negative self-talk.

It’s very easy to slip back into the old ways and allow our same old stories to replay.  “I’m not good enough. I can’t do anything to stop this from happening.  I can’t cope with everything that’s going on.  What’s wrong with me?  Who am I to think things can be different for me?  There’s no way out.”

We can only change what we acknowledge. 

That means being willing to see the isolation, the overwhelm, the fatigue, the lack of boundaries, and the numbing strategies you’ve been using to cope with your situation.

But there is hope… and a way out.

You are not a product of your environment, you are a product of your choices. 

The choices you make in the smallest of moments, in all of your moments, result in the life you experience.  So when the outside is not matching how you want to feel on the inside, it’s your invitation to stop and reflect.

Are you showing up in your life the way you wish to be?
Where are you settling or sacrificing yourself or your desires for the “greater good”?
What are you willing to shift in order to create a life you love?

There are certain things in life that are non-negotiable for you. 

Things that no matter how difficult or uncomfortable things may become, you absolutely will not budge on them because they are too important and must be protected at all costs.  You, yourself, are meant to be at the top of the list too, my sweet friend.

I hope it helps you think about things in a different way and shift in ways that bring you closer to your bliss.

Big hugs and lots of love,

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  • Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/krysti.turznik
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  • LinkedInhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/krystiturznik/

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