Keep track of *this* to reach your goals

No matter what you want to achieve, there is both a direct and easy way along with a winding and difficult path.  Which you choose depends upon your awareness and focus in each moment.

Thoughts are the language of the mind.  They can feel good, uplifting, and inspiring but they can also feel confusing, dark, and heavy.

Feelings are the language of the body.  They, too, can feel good, uplifting, and inspiring or confusing, dark, and heavy.

Spiritually, the path of least resistance is the one that mirrors your state of being the closest.

When you’re coming up against obstacles and challenges that threaten to move you off course, it’s an invitation for you to expand your understanding of what is taking place within you as well as on the outside of you (reality).

It requires a new focus to the subtle aspect that often gets overlooked or ignored…

The energetics of how something impacts you viscerally.  

You feel it in your body and sense it’s congruence in your thoughts when you are aligned with your best next step.  It gives you that light fizzy feeling that adds an extra spring to your step and everything seems to be going your way.

Of course, when you’re misaligned with an idea, an action, or a thought, it weighs on you and seems to make everything harder and slower.

Very simply, when it feels good in mind and body, it’s probably good for you and you’ll want to do more of the things that cause that feeling within yourself.  You’ll propel yourself forward much faster and with greater ease.

Sometimes it’s easy to identify those things that produce the results you’re looking for.  Other times, you’ll need to take a step sideways or even backwards in order to align with your desires.

But when you make the change to allow your decisions to be made in part by the energy that is felt within your body, that’s when everything changes.  Yes, you’re still using discernment and due diligence in your decision-making processes, but you’re also tapping into the wisdom of the unseen world when you allow the insight of your deepest self to come forth.

Which means you stay on track and get there faster and easier (which is a very good thing).

Here’s how it might look in your life:

* Reflect upon the different aspects of your work and the sensations your body gives you.
Are you doing the work you love and feel called to be doing in the world?  Or have you found yourself going through the motions because it pays the bills even though your heart isn’t in it?

Ask yourself what your reason for being is in the work you do so that you can incorporate your deeper purpose and fulfillment into the projects and people you encounter throughout your work day.  When this is missing, it becomes a struggle to keep up and thrive in your zone of genius.

Explore ways you can eliminate tasks that drain you, spend more time doing the things you love, and delegate everything else that doesn’t fill you with joy.

* Look closely at your relationship with your partner.
In what ways can you cause a positive shift in the dynamics of your relationship?  Can you learn to communicate more effectively?  Learn each other’s love language?  Commit to spending more quality time together to deepen your intimacy?

If the relationship has run its course or you’re the only one working to improve it, then it might be time to step away so you can make space for the next chapter in your life where you feel more appreciated, validated, and loved in the way you deserve to be.

Feel into the energy of your relationship and make the choice to let yourself feel good in the long run.

* Think about how you’ve been showing up for yourself
Are there areas of your life that you’ve been neglecting, avoiding, or secretly hoping will change on their own?  Maybe you have extra pounds that have appeared on your tummy but you haven’t found the motivation to do anything about it (other than secretly curse your body for not being perfect).

Check in with yourself and notice your energy when you think about your body.  Does your inner energy feel heavy and slow or make you feel sad or angry?  What if whenever you thought about your body, it made you feel happy, confident, and secure – Wouldn’t that feel so much better?  What would need to shift for you to feel like that?

Determine how your eating and lifestyle habits can allow you to experience your ideal body and energy, and then make small shifts until the outside matches your inside feelings and expectations.

If learning to understand your true feelings and the energy behind them feels overwhelming or you don’t know where to start, I’m here to help.

This is exactly the work I do in mysignature program for so many women like you because you know your lifestyle is not sustainable the way you’ve been living and know you are meant for so much more.

If you’re curious about what to do next in your life despite the fact that you’ve been churning it over in your mind for far longer than you’d like, then book a time for us to talk; sooner than later.

Let’s get you tuned in so you can feel so much more joy and fulfillment.


P.S.  One conversation could change your life… this just might be the one that does.  Book a no-cost call and let’s explore what that would look like for you to fully align all areas of your life.  You deserve nothing less.

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