Lessons learned from Muddy toes

Mud squished around my toes as they sank into our soggy lawn still partially covered by snow.  The days have been warmer and with the shift toward spring there’s been a palpable energy filled with excitement and new life.  

My daughter and I were squirting water at each other, barefoot with spontaneity, and while she ran back in the house to reload, I stepped behind the bushes to ambush her. I felt the cold wet earth envelop my toes and I laughed with delight.  Of course this sensation is not something I necessarily enjoy but I felt myself deeply embracing joy and connection and fun despite the muck.  

You see, it’s easy to get distracted by the negative aspects when things don’t go as planned, when we get off track, or when we start down a new path.  It’s easy to tell yourself “This always happens to me.  Something always goes wrong.”  We can use it as confirmation that it’s not meant to be or we’re not good enough.

Yet how often do you look at the mess you’ve just made and simply acknowledge it without criticism or judgement? 

Life shifts into greater ease with much more happiness when you take a misstep and allow yourself to course correct.  When you simply learn the lesson and shift to something that feels better.  

Because in life, , you’re going to get dirty.  Your going to make choices that bring you results you weren’t expecting.  But it’s your choice on what to focus on.  Your choice on what to remember about the experience.

If you look for it, there will (almost) always be something you can complain about that isn’t ideal or the way you intended.  The opposite is also true: There will always be something you can use to uplift yourself and feel good about.

Life is not meant to be a struggle.  There is only expansion and growth.

Use each moment of your life to consciously create more meaning and deeper, more powerful experiences.  Live your life fully and let yourself take those missteps into deeper understanding about you and what you want for yourself.

Here’s to more of those muddy moments that make you laugh!

Big hugs,

P.S.  If you need help shifting the “mud” aside, reach out and let’s talk.  We’ll talk about your situation and how to find the joy again as you put more meaning back into life.  There is hope and I can help.  Book a call with me here.

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