Maybe you want it too bad

Have you ever wanted something so much that it can’t seem to come fast enough?

Almost like your desire is taunting you by remaining so close yet entirely out of reach…

Yep, me too.

That restlessness can drive you mad and cause your attitude to sour if you let it because you’re caught up in focusing on what’s wrong, what’s lacking…

That discontent can begin to pervade your life in so many moments, in the smallest of ways…

It’s when the kids keep demanding your attention when all you really want to do is to put your feet up and rest for a few moments.

It’s when your relationship has been rocky for longer than you care to admit but pockets of deep connection give you hope, yet you can’t figure out how to make things work.

It’s when you want so much more for yourself but never have time to figure out what that actually means for you.

It’s when you feel inspired by something that’s bigger than yourself that needs to be expressed through you, yet you’re stuck in a career you outgrew years ago and it’s sucking the joy and energy right out of you.

There’s a stirring in your soul that takes place when you’re ready for your next level of life.  It creates an abundance of energy within that begins to look for expression in the external world.  

That feeling is undeniable.

Yet so often we try to do exactly that – deny it.

We tell ourselves:
“I’m not ready.”
“It hasn’t happened yet so it’s not meant to be.”
“I need to wait for (the children to grow, the project to be finished, my body to get into shape…) first before I even think about it.”
“I don’t have enough time, money, confidence, support…”
“What will they say about me if I take the leap of faith?”

Any of these seem familiar?

It’s like the transition from winter into spring, moving from one season of your life into the next.

With the restlessness can often come an uncertainty. 
When will it happen?  What will it look like? How will it appear?  Will I be ready?

The anticipation of what is yet to come, feeling it as being right around the corner, but having to wait for it when all you want to do is begin it, can cause a chaotic vibration that at times makes it seems as though you take two steps toward it and one step back.

The biggest thing needed in this moment is patience and positive expectation that if you hold the vision in your heart, you’ll soon hold it in your hand.

Your Assignment:
This is an invitation to reflect on the areas of your life where you’re pushing and not allowing things to unfold at their own pace.

Where do you need to allow life to flow more freely?

What needs to shift within you so you can give yourself the opportunity to conserve the growing energy within you and simply trust in the process and that Nature is arranging everything for the best possible outcomes.

When you’ve prepared and aligned everything you can to embrace the future you are soon stepping into, then it’s time to allow yourself to rest.  There comes a time when you can do nothing more than have faith that what you desire is on its way.

Now, if the struggle is you just don’t have the clarity of what’s coming next for you or you simply don’t know what actions to take, where to start, or how to strategically move forward with a life that inspires you, maybe I can help.

I’d love to talk with you in a no-cost Discovery Call to see if my program and community feels like a place for you to find the support and clarity you need.

Wishing you lots of joy, excitement, and success.
Krysti xo

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