Mindset blocks keeping you from inner peace

You won’t just stumble into inner peace or wake up one day into a state of pure serenity.

You have to actively choose it.

And you have to keep actively choosing it until it becomes a way of life.

It requires a set of thought patterns that allow you to set down the burdens that have held you back and prevent you from being swayed by the opinions of outer world. Beliefs and actions that call upon your innate worth and meaningful purpose in your life must be cultivated.

While you may consciously desire more freedom, success, and fulfillment, you’ll struggle to achieve them if your subconscious mind has been programmed with a mindset that supports those outcomes.

Here are three main blocks that must be overcome in order to feel more peaceful and at ease in your life:

1. Incongruent thoughts and beliefs
Believing you’re not good enough, smart enough, deserving enough, etc. will create the opposite conditions that are necessary in order to feel in harmony with yourself. So instead of allowing yourself to feel joy, pride, and fulfillment in your relationships, career, and self, you’ll end up battling yourself with weapons that wound your heart and keep you from the exact things you desire.

Inner peace comes when your thoughts and beliefs become congruent with who you truly are and the life you feel inspired to live. When your mindset matches your desires, life rises to meet you and leaves you with undeniable feelings of bliss and contentment.

2. Putting yourself last
Settling for less than you deserve and sacrificing your own needs to make others happy is not only unsustainable, but it erodes your sense of worthiness and damages your self-image. Holding weak boundaries, silencing your voice to keep the peace, and prioritizing everything and everyone before you only creates a life of misery and a never ending war within yourself where you’re never triumphant.

Once you embody your own value and importance, your perspective on things shifts as you begin to view your choices and actions from a place of self-love. From there, you naturally select the path that will lead you to your highest potential and greatest peace.

3. Misalignment with your soul’s calling
The longings in your heart are whispers from your soul. They are guidance and direction from your highest Self toward deeper purpose and impact. When you allow yourself to be led by something other than your inner authority, you teach yourself that your inner voice is untrustworthy and give away your power.

Yet, you cannot be led astray when you follow your intuition. Following your callings is one of the fastest ways to step into a life that is uniquely yours, and a lasting peace that endures any obstacles you may encounter.

Mastering your mindset is a necessary skill that can be learned quickly and will last a lifetime.

I believe in you and know you are meant for so many great things.  Inner peace is just one of them.

If you’re ready to experience all the other ways, let’s talk.

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P.S. You can’t see your own blind spots, and it’s hard to hold yourself accountable when you’re the one who keeps getting in your own way. I’d love to be your mentor and help you to live the soul-led life you deserve.

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