Move beyond your current plateau

When you’re stuck but no matter what you do nothing seems to move the needle forward for long, the only way to get the momentum to break through is to get clear on what’s really getting in the way of your happiness and progress.

Most often it will come down to misalignment in one of these three areas:

  • Your Honesty.
  • Your Beliefs.
  • Your Purpose.

You can be extraordinarily successful with many blessings in your life and still not be where you want to be.  Your relationships might be in shambles. Your career may no longer inspire you. Your health may be teetering on the edge of illness.

The question is how honest are you being with yourself about the situation of your life and everything in it?

Avoidance, denial, deflection, and people pleasing are coping methods to bypass your conscious awareness or willingness to commit to the necessary actions that will change your life (and your results). The more you can pretend you don’t know something, the easier it is to not have to take personal responsibility to do something different.  (Take a deep breath and let that sink in).

It’s extremely difficult to do this on your own.  You must have the courage to create a greater awareness of the truth, the insight of the role you’re playing and how you’re benefitting from it, and an openness to understanding how to move forward so you’re in alignment with who you want to be and how you wish to feel.

Yet allowing a deeper truth and honesty to guide your life can be life-transforming.

You might know exactly what’s getting in the way or what you’d like to shift, yet if your beliefs are misaligned with the vision you hold, you will struggle to achieve it.

Will power and efforting will only last so long when your subconscious beliefs and ingrained patterns oppose the outcomes you’re striving for.  Your subconscious mind is more powerful than your conscious choices and will cause you to sabotage yourself when you get close to breaking out of your comfort zone.

Regardless of if your desires are positive and beneficial, your attempts at change or improvement will be thwarted every time unless you can transform your limiting beliefs into empowering ones that support you and your goals.

The key to reaching your next level of happiness, success, and fulfillment lies in creating a new set of beliefs that overcome your inner resistance.

It can sometimes be hard to allow your inner authority – your deepest desires, your intuition, your soul – to guide your choices and the course of your life. Your life and its purpose can get off track by agreeing with the expectations and desires others have for you when it’s at the sacrifice of your own wishes.

Yet you, and your life, have deep meaning and importance.  The more you are able to step into your highest level of potential and become the person you were born to be, the more joyous, fulfilling, and successful you will become.

Your inner voice can sometimes get lost with the noise of everything else in your life you are managing, but that inner voice you have within you knows the fastest and most aligned way forward. As you move into the flow of your purpose and passions, you’ll follow the path of the greatest expression of who you can be.

That means more intimate and loving relationships, more impact and fulfillment in the work you do, better health because you’ll be more peaceful and relaxed, and greater abundance and prosperity because you’re showing up as the best version of yourself possible.

Which area do you need to focus more on, ?

Aligning these three things in your life will transform your life faster than anything else possible. In fact, it’ll happen even faster than you’ll have thought possible.

You have much to do in life yet, so don’t let yourself stay stuck at your current plateau.

There’s so much more that you can create in life.

It’s time to rise.

Lots of love,

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