How I move out of my comfort zone

Our natural world mirrors the cycles of our own growth and development.

Fall is a time of year when the external world reminds us that it’s OK for us to shed the things that are unnecessary moving forward.  It gives us permission to look within and discover what we’d like to release and let go of.  It’s a time to drop all the things that weigh us down, to remove what may cause us to bend or break in needless ways.  It’s also a time that encourages us to prepare for the future and take the necessary actions so that we can meet the future with confidence and certainty.

How is this showing up in your life?  There are so many wonderful and exciting things happening in this very moment, no matter what the season.  Things that are happening for you and because of you.  The important question is to ask yourself how are you moving out of your comfort zone to welcome them?  How are you moving out of the version of yourself that you embody today so that you may grow into the person of tomorrow?

It’s easy to get all tangled up in the idea that change is hard or uncomfortable or unwelcome.  It’s also easy to trust that the things in your life are showing up in exactly the right time, in exactly the right shape, and in exactly the right way to enable you to become more.  But sometimes, you have to let go of the way things have been in order for you to witness the transformation of what will come.

I invite you to do so.  Not because you are supposed to, but because deep inside you know that you have more within you that is asking to be set free.

What I have found remarkable in my own journey of doing just this – of stepping out of my comfort zone and into the ever-expanding version of myself that is more aligned with my truth – is that yes, there may be some moments of discomfort and fear.  Even moments of pure freaking out, to be honest will sneak up on you every now and then.  But underneath and beyond those moments lies an unwavering certainty that all shall be well.  There is an underlying confidence that surfaces as things start to flow more easily and naturally into your everyday existence.  And you become amazed at the grace of it all.  Just like a seed is destined to break the surface of the ground and reach for the sky, it’s unfolding is beautiful and natural and perfect.  Just like yours is.

So trust in those moments and use them to help you move out of your comfort and into the next stage of who you are becoming.  All shall be well.

Much love,


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