New Year ritual to manifest an amazing 2023

The end of the year is an amazing opportunity to reflect upon your progress the past 12 months.

It’s also an invitation to discover more of what you’d like to experience in the coming year.

It’s a time to look back upon the past year and measure it against the things you’d planned for or hoped would happen, and also of the person you allowed yourself to be.

As you begin your contemplation, thoughts and beliefs about what has transpired will begin to surface to help you understand and connect with what this year has meant to you.

If you’ve had a good year or good things happen, then take time to celebrate (without guilt).  Your mind works best when it is rewarded for accomplishing the things you desire, and it will then strive to accomplish even more.

If this year has been difficult or challenging, then take stock of what went wrong, how things went off course, or what you can do differently in the future.  Without attaching blame or shame, bear witness to the role you played.

Next year doesn’t need to be a continuation or a repeat of what you experienced this year, no matter how grand or atrocious it’s been.

You have the power to change your life.  More pleasure and less pain are yours for the taking. You are the main character, not a bystander, in your own life so decide how you want your story to go.

If you want something different than what you’ve had, change something.
If you want to feel differently than what you’ve felt, change something.

Small incremental changes are often as significant, sometimes even more so than larger changes, so don’t be afraid to start slowly and work your way towards the larger ones.

Here’s my New Year ritual to manifest an amazing 2023 to help you set your intention, stay focused, take action, and believe you can achieve everything you desire.

1.  Reflect.
Identify 25 things you’ve accomplished or are proud of from the last year.  Big and small, as well as specific and general, list milestones and successes you’ve achieved personally and professionally.

Think about difficult situations you’ve navigated, relationships that prospered (including with yourself), and feelings you’ve maintained or overcome or established.

This is a time to celebrate yourself, so keep going until you have at least 25 things or more to really amplify your success.

2.  Forgive.
Allow yourself to release and forgive mistakes, hurts, and missed opportunities you’ve experienced this past year.  Within the difficult times lays profound insight.  Learn the lesson and let go of any pain, guilt, or attachment to what transpired so you can use it as a stepping stone to what comes next.

Make a list of the people and things that may have sabotaged your success and happiness (including yourself).

Then as you review each item, the Ho’oponopono mantra and prayer (I’m sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you, I love you.) can help you release the memory.

3.  Vision.
Lastly, create a crystal clear vision for what you’d like the new year to bring and how you want to feel moving forward. Let faith and belief in yourself and the Universe help you to set new targets that feel good, plentiful, and rewarding.

Determine the business or professional milestones you’d like to achieve, define your personal boundaries so you have more time to do the things you love, determine the impact you feel called to make and what that requires of you, establish your health goals, relationship goals, and personal goals so you can achieve your fullest potential.

This is a time to get specific with clarity and intention to help you focus and make decisions throughout the year that are aligned with your goals.

Let this new year be your best year yet as you allow yourself to become more fully aligned with who you are meant to be so you can make the impact you were born to make.

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Your future is waiting.

Lots of love,

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