Permission to slow down

Sometimes you have to slow down in order to speed up.  

For so much of the year, you’re making things happen. It doesn’t matter if it’s in your personal or professional life, more often than not you’re a do-er.  It’s pedal to the metal as you push yourself to get results.  

If you’re like other high-achievers, you have high standards for yourself and an inner drive that motivates you to get things done.  Your fundamental, innate purpose propels you to continuously reach for more so you can reach your highest potential.  It’s what helps you to persevere and push through when things get challenging.  There’s a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that comes from seeing the rewards of your efforts, regardless if they are big or small.

That high masculine energy helps you to accomplish so much, but without rest that constant energy is wrecks havoc on your nervous system. That’s when overwhelm, burnout, numbing out, anxiety, and irritability come into play.

The pendulum that swings to far and long to one side upsets the momentum of your growth.

That’s why it’s important to balance your action energy with stillness and down time. 

Your innate feminine energy needs calm and quiet to reflect and reassess as you renew, recharge, and reinvigorate yourself and your drive.  It’s an opportunity to make sure you’re aligned with your deeper purpose and desires.

Without it, you will spend your time and attention on things that aren’t serving your highest good or potential, flounder or spin your wheels without gaining much traction, or stray off course from where you ultimately wish to be.

There’s tremendous value in taking a step back to reassess your priorities and what’s truly important.  It’s an opportunity to recommit to the path you’re on or determine what changes you’d like to make.

Even deeper than that, slowing down is an act of self-love and boundaries.  In doing so, you remind yourself that you are also a priority and are more important than all the things you may achieve.

Sometimes we need to be reminded that we’re here in this life to enjoy it.  You don’t have to do anything to deserve the pleasure and freedom to simply “be” in the moment without the pressure to “do” anything.

In case you needed to hear it, you have permission to slow down.

The time you dedicate to inaction will reward you beyond measure.  In your personal life, it will help you to connect more deeply to who you truly are and your importance in the world.  In your work life, it will help you take a look at the big picture to identify how you feel about the path you’re on, your alignment with who you’re meant to be in the world, and the impact you’re called to make.

I encourage you to take time in the coming days to do just that.

You (and the world) will be better off because you did.

Sending lots of love,

P.S.  Now is the perfect time to have a deeper (and more honest) conversation about the changes you’d like to make in the new year so you can actually achieve it.

Let’s talk about your situation in life or business and give you the step by step plan to make it happen.  I’d love be able to support you in stepping into your highest potential.

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