Persistence in the face of resistance

Resistance is real.  And super powerful.
It can cause you to shrink away from the things you want to do, have, be, or experience.  It can cause you to get distracted and side-tracked with other things that seem more important in the moment.  It can cause you to spend years of your life preparing, planning, and perfecting the longings of your heart because there is a part of you that is afraid.

Maybe not consciously afraid, but fearful nonetheless.

Your deepest mind, your subconscious, doesn’t want you to change or grow.  It wants you to stay safe in the known, despite whether or not you enjoy your current situation.  Whenever it perceives you as coming near the point of change, it will do everything in its power to stop you.  It will try to prevent your success at all costs.

Yet you are more powerful than it is. 

You have the ability to overcome these inner blocks and create a new way of thinking and being.  You can vision the end result and connect with your deepest Self, and thereby embed a more aligned version of yourself and your future into your subconscious mind.

But you must be persistent in the face of your resistance.  New and deeper levels will appear at each new level you aspire to.

Yet when you are committed, you keep showing up for yourself even though you might not see the outward impact right away.  You learn to trust that things are being put in place in just the right way for the best interest of all, and that your actions will bring about your success (despite how things may appear at the moment).

The obstacles that appear before you become opportunities to reconnect to the impact that will transpire because of your actions.  You start to see them as gifts to get crystal clear on what exactly you want and don’t want moving forward.

You develop a deep and powerful resilience to the challenges that can creep up from within yourself and from those around you.  You tap into the confidence you have within yourself and the universe that lead you to this particular moment in time you are experiencing in exactly the right way, knowing the desire was place within you because you have the ability to bring it forth into creation.

You keep challenging your resistance when it shows itself because your soulful calling is stronger than your fear.  You have faith in the deeper power that is guiding your life and know that your piece of the puzzle is vital to the beauty of the whole.

Remember, a river cuts through a rock not because of it’s power but it’s persistence.

You can be soft and gentle, and powerful and transformative at the same time.  You can allow yourself to flow with the whispers of your spirit and know you have the power within you to overcome your resistance and transform your reality in any way you choose.

What you choose is up to you.
Cheering you on!

Lots of love,

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