Ready to dance with life?

Life is a dance.

Just like a dance, it can be upbeat and playful while other times slow and emotional.  Whichever it is for you at the moment, you don’t need to fight the flow of the dance you’re in.  You don’t even need to know all the steps.  You can just allow yourself to let it move through you and feel it completely, even if you stumble.

If you’re like many women I’ve worked with, one day you find yourself plodding along without a flow or rhythm to your life.

Perhaps there’s resistance or fear or self-doubt about what comes next.
Maybe you’re out of step with your partner and feel it’s time for you to let your spirit take the lead.
Maybe you no longer can hear the music playing in your heart and soul because it’s been drowned out by all the other noise in your life.

When that happens, a sense of numbness creeps in and you no longer recognize or enjoy the way you’ve been living.

You have a dance inside of you that is uniquely yours.  (HINT: It is not supposed to be the same as anyone else’s.)

When you allow yourself to be moved from within, guided by your deepest self, your life will flow with ease and grace in all the tempos of your life.

When you clear the clutter that’s been tripping you up, holding you back, and preventing you from living an inspired life, your confidence will soar, your relationships will strengthen, and you’ll feel alive and on track with who you want to be.

The clutter?

That’s all the subconscious garbage that tells you why you have two left feet and can’t succeed, the negative beliefs about why you’re not good enough or have to play small…  It’s all the limitations you don’t even know you have that stop you from figuring it out on your own easily.

Whatever it is you want for yourself – more peace, less stress, more quality time with loved ones, more meaning and impact… – the key is to get out of your own way and release your internal blocks to success and happiness.

When you do, you’ll feel the music of your soul come through and feel free enough to be guided from within so you can life the life you are meant to live.

I’m cheering you on!

P.S.  I’m working on something I’ll soon share with you about how to identify and overcome your subconscious beliefs that are preventing your success and stopping you from living an inspired life.  If you’d like to learn what that looks like for you, Book a call so we can talk about your situation and your next best steps to dancing your way through life. Let’s do this together!

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