Ready to Return to the Joy of Living?

When life hits you hard you can crumble or you can climb.

You may wish it were different but life isn’t always easy.  Despite your efforts, life doesn’t always agree to follow your best laid plans or to take the quickest route to your desires.  It can knock you down when you least expect it, leave you reeling and in shock, and divert you onto forbidding paths.

More than likely, along those detours you will be disappointed.  You will be overlooked and under valued.  You will be minimized, marginalized, second-guessed, and discounted.  You may be taken advantage of, abused, or betrayed.

None of that has anything to do with you or your innate value.

Yet it can all be a part of the process to help you live your best life, experience greater joy, and become all that you can be.

Who you are is entirely independent of anyone else or their actions.

The happenings in your life in no way reflect your worth as an individual and they needn’t drag you down into endless settling or sacrificing of what’s truly important and meaningful to you.  They can be lessons and stepping stones to guide you to your deepest and most authentic Self.

It is possible for you to discover tremendous joy and happiness in both hardship as well as when
everything is aligned and going your way.

Your level of ownership and involvement in your life, along with how you interpret your life, makes all the difference in your ability to connect with the joy of living regardless of the outcomes you are experiencing in your relationships, health, and wealth.

You are responsible for how you show up in the world through your thoughts, feelings, and actions.  You have choices and you always have options.

It is your choices that determine your destiny. It is your perspective and the manner in which you participate in life which will influence your responses to your experiences.

You can use what life has given you to rise up and see yourself and the world differently.  You can use your life as an opportunity to grow and expand into who you’re meant to be.

You need not judge yourself by external standards or the validation of others.

Your return to joy depends upon you returning your focus inward.  When your attention shifts to your Self you begin to prioritize the deeper and more meaningful truths and experiences.

You can choose to take personal responsibility for yourself.  You can choose to place your energy and attention upon cultivating the thoughts and feelings that support the results you desire in your life.  Stronger relationships, greater meaning, deeper fulfillment, and a more profound connection to yourself can develop when you decide that your life is worth living to its fullest potential.

That means having the courage to turn within to transform any inner obstacles that are getting in the way of your success.  It also means being willing to take the action necessary, no matter how difficult or frightening, so that you can move closer to your goals.

Your life can become anything you wish it to be when you create the best internal environment possible with a strong mindset, self-belief, and lots of love. As a result, the actions you take will align with your deepest desires so that you are always moving toward everything you want.  You will no longer be plagued by self-doubt or inner resistance when your subconscious mind supports the outcomes you’re striving for.  Instead, your unconscious patterns will propel you toward the fulfillment of your highest potential regardless of your external circumstances because you’ve taken ownership of yourself and become clear on what you want.

In order to feel greater joy and happiness, the changes must begin with and within you.

Nothing of significance will change in your life unless you do.  Unless you are willing to take personal responsibility for the things you are experiencing, you will remain a victim to the world around you.

You must believe deeply in not only your worth and deservability of what you desire and create the subconscious beliefs that support it so you can take the appropriate actions to achieve it, but also that there is a deep purpose behind why you desire those things in the first place.

When you connect to the underlying spiritual reasons why it is your divine right (and responsibility) to not only fulfill your potential but also to feel good along the way, you learn how to use the experiences of your life to help you rise into your best Self.

Because of that, you’ll naturally feel more joy, purpose, and fulfillment along the winding path life may take you on.

To get there, ask yourself these questions:

  • What is in my control?  
  • What do I have the power and ability to strengthen or change?
  • What are the obstacles I’ve encountered when trying to make shifts in my life?  
  • What am I willing to take complete ownership of in my life so I can feel greater joy?

My challenge to you is to really think about who you are and the kind of life you wish to have.  Don’t worry about what others want for or from you, what others think you should or shouldn’t have or do, or how others will perceive you if you follow your inner guidance.

Instead, embrace your inner wisdom and honor the life you feel inspired to live.

Lots of love,

P.S. I would love to find out more about your situation, what’s challenging you now, what you envision for your lifestyle, and how I could help you grow. Let’s book a time to get to know each other and make a plan for you.

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