Remember this when life feels challenging

I’m calling you out…

Despite all your tendencies to control, influence, and manage, life doesn’t always go according to your best laid plans.

Rather, it’s often prone to turning out much differently than you had intended.

It’s of course lovely when life is so much better than you had imagined… but in truth, quite often it feels the exact opposite for so many people.

You’re smart and capable yet despite your efforts, the unexpected curveballs of disorder are bound to appear.  Sometimes many of them happening all at once.

It’s those times of confusion and frustration that can knock you off course.

You might get sidetracked with distractions that aren’t important in the end.  Getting caught up putting out fires as you fix and manage everything that needs attention may cause you to lose sight of your vision and drift away from what you truly desire.  Then more challenges set in.

You might begin to question yourself, your work, and your abilities to accomplish great things.  It’s at times like that when feelings of overwhelm and uncertainty can lead to self-doubt and your big picture.

  • “I have no idea what to do next. What if they find out I’m a fraud and not who they think I am?”
  • “Is this what I’m meant to do with my life?  If it was, wouldn’t it be easier by now?”
  • “Who do I think I am to want to accomplish this goal?  It’s too big for me.”

BUT it doesn’t have to be that way.

What if you allowed yourself to believe with all your heart that the obstacles before you are setting you up for something more magical that you could have arranged yourself?  (they are)

What if you understood in the depths of your being that you are more important in this world than you realize?  (you are)

Here’s the truth as I know it…

You are here in this life on purpose, for a purpose, and with a purpose.

There is nobody else in the world who is exactly like you; there never was and there never will be.  Because of this, there is something that is uniquely yours which you are capable of sharing with the world.

The calling you have within you is there for a reason, designed to pull you into the best and greatest version of yourself possible.

The obstacles you encounter are divine opportunities to clear out any resistance to the future that awaits you so that you may become the person you are meant to be.

When life seems challenging and you feel like you can never get far enough ahead to catch your breath, let alone get ahead, remember that the Universe is always working with you for your best and highest good.

Step into each obstacle long enough to discover it’s purpose so you can learn and grow from it in ways not otherwise easily obtained.

  • Allow your relationships to reveal their vulnerabilities and insecurities so you can deepen your relationships with yourself and others.
  • Allow the projects that feel like a constant struggle to fall away or move to someone else.
  • Allow yourself to understand that you are more amazing than you give yourself credit for and you can (and already have) accomplish wonderful things.

So when your world feels like it’s breaking down, trust that your breakthrough is about to begin.

Sending love,
Krysti  xo

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