Remembering your worth (and a bit of Wayne’s World)

There was a movie from the early 90s called Wayne’s World. (Truth be told, I had to google the name of that movie. LOL).

In it, the characters Wayne and Garth would repeatedly declare, “We’re not worthy” over and over again as they bowed up and down on their hands and knees.  I bristled every time they did that, especially when it became a social meme to declare this yourself about something in your own life.

The idea that “You’re not worthy” is absolute nonsense.

You don’t have to allow the outside world to dictate your worth.  Nor do you need to devalue yourself and place others upon a pedestal.

You are worthy in your own right.

Making yourself less than someone else, diminishing your value and importance because someone else has more success or is in a more ‘powerful’ position, only causes you to feel small, unimportant, and not good enough.  It is not the truth.

The beautiful gift that’s worth discovering is knowing that you are innately worthy.

You are worthy of everything you desire (and so much more).

The more you tap into your authenticity and deepest truth, the more you will believe it in your heart. The more you can appreciate and love your own uniqueness, the more you’ll embody your worth.

As you claim ownership of your worth, it reflects both inwardly and outwardly and your experiences begin to change.

You begin to create a lifestyle that supports your worth at all levels:

  • You have more energy and vitality because you’re no longer battling with yourself (and your beliefs) as you move through your days.
  • Relationships that are incongruent either align and transform or disappear from your life.
  • Your health improves because you treat yourself differently in both body and mind… more reverently, powerfully, and respectfully.
  • Your physical surroundings become less disorganized as you eliminate unnecessary things within and without that no longer serve you.

But it starts with a choice to believe that you are worthy.

Be willing to ask for what you desire even if you’re uncomfortable (you will be) and your voice shakes (it probably will).

You are the only one who gets to decide what you are worth.  You alone can choose what’s acceptable or not and make your choices based upon your own opinions and desires.

You won’t grow unless you stretch and try something new. You don’t shift your life by doing things you’ve always done. You can’t fulfill your highest potential if your not willing to first believe in it yourself.

So, let this be your reminder to never allow anyone else to dictate your worth.

My hope is that you choose to believe you are truly magnificent in every way and become your own best advocate for your best life possible.

Lots of love,

P.S.  If you’d like to see what this looks like in your own life, then let’s talk.  It’s often hard to shift deep core beliefs about yourself because you can’t always see your blind spots.  I’ll ask you some really specific questions and give you some massive clarity.

I have over 20 years helping people create amazing transformation in their life and know I can help you see your situation in a new light.  So let’s hop on that call and give you some insight into your next best steps.

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